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Neither Martin nor his mother have any friends, although Martin seems convinced that his co-workers like him. When one of them is brutally murdered, the evidence points to Martin.

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When the police question him, he develops an instant attraction to Detective Anther Albada, a fairly pathetic character. To prove to her co-workers that she has a life outside of work, she concocted an imaginary relationship with a lesbian lover. After her co-workers wanted to meet her, Anther was forced to kill her off. There were so many things I hated, that I barely know where to begin. Usually I like either the wrongly accused criminal or the detective or citizen investigating the crime in a mystery.

Even the victims were repulsive. And she still suffers the guilt of running away in fear and resents being interrogated as a suspect in the immediate aftermath. Now Kaitlin has only one way to assuage the pain and nightmares—by interviewing everyone associated with the unsolved crime for a podcast that could finally bring closure to a case gone cold.

In the summer of , Emma Price watched helplessly as her six-year-old son's red coat was fished out of the River Ouse. It was the tragic story of the year - a little boy, Aiden, wandered away from school during a terrible flood, fell into the river, and drowned. His body was never recovered. Ten years later Emma has finally rediscovered the joy in life In our dangerous world, offenders cannot always be brought down by the justice system.

When a different kind of justice is needed—swift, effective, and personal—a new type of avenger must take action. From behind the wheel of her car, Tess Kincaid glimpses a woman walking down a Madison, Wisconsin, street. They've never met, but Tess sees the same features every time she looks in the mirror. Tess introduces herself and discovers that she and her doppelganger, Mimi, have more than appearance in common. They even share the same birthday. Mimi - confident and outgoing where Tess is understated and shy - is convinced they're twins, separated shortly after birth.

When a body is discovered in a local marsh, Tess is entangled in a search for the truth So immersed is Martin in these escapes that he fails to notice the crimes going on all around him. When first one, then another, of his co-workers is brutally murdered, Martin is shocked to become the fetching female investigator's prime suspect.

Center stage at last, Martin basks not in the glow of the spotlight, but in the harsh glare of interrogation. I found Martin very amusing, never suspected that someone else was doing the killing, just thought he was having some kind of blackout spells, until he finally admitted going to the massage pallor and then I realized something else was going on but still didn't know who until almost the end. And his mother, lord what a trip, she was the funniest character in the book. This is SO different from all of the novels by Karin Slaughter, but it showcases her truly multidimensional talent.

This story is delightful! Truly a laugh out loud story with a masterful performance by Seinfeld star Wayne Knight Newman! For a short story its a humorous tale. Slaughter, known for her crime novels, is exceptionally funny. Keep in mind I am biased as shes one of, if not the, best author in my opinion. Wayne Knight as narrator Have you ever seen a dog so ugly its cute or a joke that's so cheesy it makes you double up laughing? Knight, bless his heart, is so awful it makes the story funnier sometimes. The voices aren't consistent at times. I don't think I could listen to him do a full length novel.

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He tries too hard. Loved him in Seinfeld!!! This is definitely worth the money. I literally laughed out loud a few times. The story was intriguing and humorous, but it was Wayne's narration that really brought Martin to life. In the end, with all of his flaws, I liked Martin and even understood his mothers flawed logic. What disappointed you about Martin Misunderstood?

It was so "out there" and so unrealistic, yet it was not funny. Is this a joke? The joke is on me. I used one credit for this trashy thing. What do you think your next listen will be?

Twist by John Lutz. How could the performance have been better? Have a female read the female parts. Working as a glorified accountant at Southern Toilet Supply and still living with his cantankerous mother, he has become resigned to the world in which he lives. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Martin Misunderstood , please sign up. Ive already read all the similar books that Janet Evanovich wrote, but can someone suggest more.


See 1 question about Martin Misunderstood…. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. View all 11 comments. Martin Misunderstood is a short-story written by Karin Slaughter. It's both dark comedy and murder mystery, and it works! One of the many things I love about Ms. Slaughter's writing is her talent for character development and she excels with all the characters in this novella. It's so thorough that I had a hard time finding it funny at times because I just felt so, so sad for poor Martin.

His character is simple, innocent, put upon, always gives others the benefit of the doubt To be clear, the comedy is there - I laughed a few times for sure but I just had a hard time getting past my own heart I guess. I did enjoy how this story ended and thought it was humorously fitting for most all characters involved. Unfortunately, I can see this being a love it or hate it experience for readers.

I liked it - and may re-read it on a day I'm feeling a little less sensitive. If you have enjoyed some of Ms. Slaughter's other humor-based plots, then consider Martin Misunderstood! If you're going to read Martin Misunderstood , go the audio route! Wayne Knight narrates and that was an experience all on it's own! Martin Reed is one of lifes losers, abused at home and work, who discovers that his car has been seriously damaged in an accident.

Worse, the accident was the murder of one of his colleagues. Into the fray comes plain, eczema-ridden Dutch policewoman Anther Albada, a character so charmless and out of place that her make-believe lesbian relationship has taken over her life. The story was mudane and silly, the characters were so deliberately awful it was difficult to find one to sympathise with and the denouement was simply ridiculous.

Difficult to fathom who this would appeal to, more difficult to recommend. View all 3 comments. Martin is so sorely misunderstood, the poor guy. For cryin' out loud, he's been picked on by everyone since he was a kid, and even his mother yep, still lives with her , is a manipulative mess who never misses out on a low blow insult.

And for whatever reason, Martin as an adult, has never moved from his hometown. In fact, he works as an accountant at Southern Toilet Supply, and every co-worker is either a former classmate, or someone who just picked up the bullying because Martin is Oh, Martin. In fact, he works as an accountant at Southern Toilet Supply, and every co-worker is either a former classmate, or someone who just picked up the bullying because Martin is just a simpletons' idea of a perfect target. Insults normally directed to women are even keyed onto his car.

There is no end to it. So when Martin, a fan of crime fiction novels, becomes a suspect in a murder, the out-of-control spiraling of his life takes an even darker turn. Ann, the delightfully ordinary detective with her own secrets becomes the lead on his case, and it becomes even more demented and confusing. And I mean that in an extremely good way. The compelling twists that come about for Martin are preposterously simple, but satisfying, and the characters surrounding him are unintentionally, but stupidly evil.

I enjoyed every second of it and the final reveal was a bit of a shock, I must admit. At only two and a half hours, this audiobook is simultaneously hilarious and also terribly gloomy. The characters were perfectly constructed and the plot was a tightly woven maze of one bad coincidence and mistake after another. I can't imagine anyone listening to this in an afternoon and not enjoying it. It really was, in an odd way, the perfect way to spend a day. There are some sex scenes in which I would advise that you turn the volume down if you have the windows open I've never read a Karin Slaughter book before I know, where have I been?

As she stated, "People didn't seem to have a problem with the rape and murder of women, but to have a female cop drop the F-bomb? That got a response. I'm certainly going to read her other books. I'm a happy camper for picking up Martin Misunderstood - the writing was unique, unexpected, and absolutely demented with its humor. I mean, I can't believe I laughed at some of the things that happened. So this little bit of odd brought to us by the queen of crime was I swear Ms Slaughter decided to just have a bit of fun with this one, I must admit that it made me kind of giggle a few times.

She kind of disses Patricia Cornwell at some point which I thought was a bit "ok then". But nice and short. My newly lazy reading ways have started to appreciate nice and short.

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So at least there's that. I was lucky enough to get to see this author at a local signing in Georgia. So as I prepped for my flight, I spotted this audio and decided to give it a try.

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As many others have said, this is a huge departure from this author's other books. Main character Martin is a pretty sad character. He lives a pretty miserable life - many of his high school tormentors are now his adult world co-workers and they are still making his life awful.

When there is suddenly a murder in his office, it's easy to see I was lucky enough to get to see this author at a local signing in Georgia. When there is suddenly a murder in his office, it's easy to see how Martin is quickly the suspect. From there, this one spirals. I loved the twists and even appreciated many of the coincidences that cornered Martin and got him into the mess he was in. It was quirky and I appreciated it for the silly story the author intended it to be.

I quickly passed on it - not particularly caring for audio books OR murder mysteries - until I heard that Wayne Knight was narrating it. You know Wayne Knight, guys I mean, I'm no fan of the show yes, it's been said that only people with no sense of humor dis like Seinfeld, I'm a freak, I've come to terms with it It's gotta be kinda funny, right? It's gonna at least have my attention, right? So I went against my gut - which was saying "it doesn't matter who narrates it Lori, you don't like murder mysteries" - and threw it into my swag bag.

That's not a whole lot of time to commit myself to. That's two trips back and forth to work. I can handle it. Even if it's bad. Where's the harm in taking it for a spin? I can't decide if my issues with the audio book lie with the writing - which is your typical, cookie cutter who-dun-it - or with Wayne Knight's interpretation of the writing. For starters, though he has a reasonably good natural reading voice, his character voices cracked my shit up!

And not in the "oh, that Wayne Knight, what a comedian More like in a "Oooh my Gawd! Is he really going to make Martin and his mother sound like that?

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For the entire book? I gotta give him some credit though, there were a lot of characters in this book, and he managed to create unique if not ear-grating voices for each one. The most painful part of the audio book - for me, and I have to imagine, for Wayne as well - were the sex scenes. I will never look at Wayne Knight the same ever, ever, again. The grunting and the spasms and the shooting of the loads Like "worse than walking in on your parents getting it on" awful.

My poor, poor ears. I mean, I found myself god forgive me for saying this wondering if that is really how Wayne Knight sounds when he is getting his freak on. I can't get those sounds out of my head.