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This method is effective because dogs readily adapt to a crate due to their in-born den instinct. It is noted that the best crate for French bulldog puppies are those made out of wire as they allow the puppy to visually interact with their surroundings, an aspect which lessens separation anxiety.

Obviously, the main benefit of using a crate during house training is that your puppy is less likely to soil their resting or sleeping area.

How to Train a French Bulldog Puppy: General Guidelines & Easy Tricks

It is of noteworthy importance to mention that in order for the crate method to work, you need to be patient, consistent, observant, and ready to reward the proper use of the specific toilet area. As such, you must take your puppy out to poop or pee when: Create a timely and regular feeding schedule: All dog food brands that contain soy, grain, or corn are unhealthy for French bulldogs and should be avoided.

This is due to the fact that French bulldogs tend to have a lot of health problems and allergies that can be triggered by these specific ingredients. The best brand of dog food is Fromm , which is loaded with nutrients and comes in grain-free varieties. That being noted, the key purpose of keeping a detailed diary and creating a regular feeding schedule for your puppy is to help you understand and also allow you to predict when your puppy is likely to poop or pee what they last ate or drank.

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This is the main reason why you need to keep a journal. Take your puppy out to your preferred pooping area immediately you notice any of the above-mentioned activities and signs. The best collar for French bulldog puppy potty training is one with a flat buckle collar and leash. Collars from the Lupine brand tend to be extremely durable and also have provisions for making adjustments as your puppy grows.

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  • Always reward proper and timely elimination. Rewards can come in the form of play, praise or treats. Online puppy training reviews mention that the best form of reward for puppies is using a doggy treat because they are better appreciated by the puppy and provide a great incentive to continue their good toilet related behaviour.

    Transformations- How to Train an Aggressive French Bulldog- Online Video Training

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    How to Train a French Bulldog Puppy: General Guidelines and Easy Tricks

    As with humans, the proper diet is the key differentiator between a healthy, beautiful dog and an average looking one. We will show you exactly which foods are best for this little breed, and also which foods to avoid. French Bulldogs need human attention more than other dogs, and they might begin to retreat from you if you don't give them a considerable amount of love and proper care. I will teach you how to make him happy and satisfied. French Bulldogs come in various characters, colors and sizes, from mice hunters to toy lovers.

    We will help you choose the perfect frenchie to fit your current lifestyle and daily activities. How to provide enough water during long summer days, as frenchies are sensitive to hot weather. This is an ebook that will be delivered to your Inbox in a few minutes, so you can start reading immediately. And remember - this guide is not just for noobs, it is extremely useful even if you thought you already knew everything about french bulldogs.


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