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I would like you to know just how grateful I am for all your help and for your wonderful course that you have put on concerning Tax deed investing in Texas. This puts a totally new spin on my life and hopefully I will be able to accomplish all the things that I have dreamed of. This course is different not only because it contains straightforward legal and economic analysis, but because it uses simple and well-established learning methods to help you learn the material quickly and with a greater rate rate of retention.

One advantage you will find integrated throughout this product is:. Context-Based Learning means that after you learn a technique or rule you are asked to apply it in a slightly different context. This reinforces your learning process and ensures you can perform when it counts. You will also find that throughout the course I explain each critical process in many different ways so that you are sure to learn it from all angles. I have also employed context-based learning to enable you to learn from a real-world setting.

Below is an example found on page 56 of the course. It is used so that you can obtain a first hand picture of the processes through actual search screen results, rather than just reading about dry theory. We now have a great deal of information to work with. Each number below corresponds to the flagged citations above:. This once again is the property account number. This will be true in almost all states. If there is an exception we will discuss it in the individual state sections.

This is the physical address of the property.

Investing In Florida: Tax Liens & Deeds Walkthrough (TLTV Ep: 10)

Remember when I told you not to worry about trying to figure out the legal description? These techniques will allow you to learn this material easier and faster than you may have thought possible.

Tax Lien Certificate & Deed Investing Course - wezusoby.tk

Learning studies conducted by major universities have supported the position that context-based learning: Sadly, context-based learning has not been used by many authors. I understand the material from the standpoint of an attorney, a real estate investor, a government consultant, and the student. Because I understand this process from so many angles, I have been able to focus on delivering it to you in the ideal form and most effective order possible.

I believe you deserve nothing less. Unless you can put raw facts and legal rules into a workable strategy they are useless! I do not throw around information and rules without first making sure that you have the big picture. I also believe that technique is everything. The timing of your decisions, research, and analysis is critical.

Does crunching numbers bothers you? Nevertheless, the information you can derive from them is priceless. You will learn to perform all of these techniques, formulas and research steps in the exact order needed to minimize research time yet derive the greatest benefit. As a legal professional, I believe a product must cover almost every angle of the real estate investment method: I have covered the legal rules of each state in a precise manner, but I have also not forgotten that some of you may not be experts!

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That is why I use numerous examples, common sense explanations, and diagrams whenever possible throughout the course. I know that I understand the material, my job is to make sure that you understand it. For this section I have included 3 quick diagrams which illustrate some of the sale opportunities that happen after the regular sale. So as you can see the purchase process lasts from October to June. I always believe in summarizing legal rules in many different ways. This particular rule exists in Oklahoma and is one of the most confusing statutes I have come across…so I created a simple diagram and explained in several different ways.

My email address is also included on every page of the product. You will soon learn that when you purchase the course I will provide you with unlimited email consulting. While I am very busy, I still answer my office phone and respond personally to emails. I do this because I want to remove all barriers from your path.

In fact, you can email me for clarification for as long as you own this product! I believe in complete coverage of risk issues but I also know that for these techniques to be effective you have to know when to avoid risk and when to manage risk. My risk reduction techniques are given to you in simple step-by-step tasks. I tell you which county, state, and Federal departments to access and exactly what to ask for. I provide you with all the step-by-step tasks needed to greatly reduce your risk…you need to only apply the techniques. Reducing risk is a very important aspect of any investment technique.

To me that is a fluff product and a waste of money and time. I always demand to know what could go wrong and why. I want to know where the pitfalls are, the unsettled areas of law, and the drawbacks. If you want a technical, real-world, nuts and bolts product without the marketing fluff then you will be very happy with this product.

Foreclosure and Property Management

An action plan will be your guide through this course. I have taken the time to carefully consider how and when you review certain portions of the course. This is done to maximize your education. You will notice that the course contains 4 hours of CD audio discussion in addition to the written materials. The CD audio material is not just a summary of the course book. Rather, it is an advanced review of the materials found in the course book. The action plan makes sure that you review the right materials at the right time and takes you through three practice sessions.

The end result is reinforcement of the materials you have read and a much higher level of retention and understanding. The real challenge to investing in tax lien certificates comes when trying to avoid the various state deadlines and hidden traps which can hinder the inexperienced investor. My goal has always been to take my students beyond the basics. You will find much detail in my materials. I am determined to provide my customers the highest levels of training and all the details I know.

I will break that cycle! You saved me thousands of dollars with your tidbit of information on looking at the date of the cause number.

Your course definitely saved me a lot of time and surprises…. Investing in tax lien certificates can be done with part-time effort. You can purchase liens even if they are not sold by your home state. As an out-of-state investor you will need to follow the additional due diligence techniques described in Chapter 5 of the course, titled: I will show you how to make this work.

The In’s and Out’s Of Tax Lien Investing

Currently there are 24 states which offer tax lien certificates for sale. My course also includes state-by-state detail and analysis on the following 19 states:. Lastly, I realize no matter how well a course is written there will be times that you need to speak to a real person and ask questions. Although I mentioned this earlier, I think it is very important to assure you that when you purchase this product I will answer your questions via email.

I believe that as a customer you deserve to speak with the author of the product at anytime. Some people choose to call me and talk to me personally even before they purchase the course. In fact, if you have any questions or concerns about this course or using these techniques from your state then contact me. Includes all aspects of purchasing tax lien certificates: They test your understanding of the core concepts presented in the course and expand your knowledge.

Contains valuable insight from the author covering the legal procedures associated with investing and his valuable easy-to-follow research techniques. A page fully detailed analysis of each investment state, the investment climate, unfavorable laws, filing deadlines, foreclosure rules, tax sale registration rules, and more.

Every area of each investment state is discussed and covered in full detail with specific statutory references. A simple and painless step-by-step action plan designed to take you from education to action by following our proven process. The Action Plan includes review questions and 3 practice sessions. It is your guide through the entire process. It will continue to guide you through all of the required steps needed to make your first purchase and track your liens. Our Tax Lien Research Center will allow you to consolidate your county research into one place.

Tax Lien Investing Risks And Benefits

There is no confusing registration requirement and no passwords to lose or forget. It is simple and designed to let you research your tax liens with minimal hassle and maximum efficiency. I think this is the most important element of any program. The other slight disadvantage is the amount of competition you will likely face, usually from money managers and fellow investors, in your pursuit of tax liens to purchase.

The big money managers and investment firms are looking for a higher yield than these smaller investments can provide. To Buy tax lien properties, you must follow a specific blueprint. The bidding process for purchasing tax liens is typically preformed as an auction, preventing potential buyers from seeing the inside of the property prior to sale. If you are the winning bidder, you take ownership interest in the property and the lien. If the homeowner does not come up with the money, the auction winner becomes the lien holder and ultimately the homeowner. First, as the owner you will need to clean the slate and see what other liens are on title.

This may require a good amount of capital to pay any liens off. If you got in a bidding war and overpaid, you may take ownership with negative equity before you unlock the front door. And of course really understand the real estate auction process. Tax lien certificates can certainly be an excellent investment to add to your portfolio. The key, like any other investment, is to know as much as you can about the property, the neighborhood and the town in general. Tax lien investing can be a good way to see percent return on your investment, but it is not without heavy competition and some degree of risk.

Before you consider tax liens, find out what the guidelines are in your specific state and attend an auction to get a feel of the process. Tax liens can be a great investment, but they can also set your business back years if you are not careful. Like most things in life, the best tax lien investing guidelines revolve around doing your homework…and then when you see an opportunity, pull the trigger.

One of the biggest benefits of tax lien investing is the much-lower capital requirement than other forms of investing to get started. In order to buy tax lien properties, you must start by putting in a bid at auction.