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Unguentum de Artanita majus.

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The Title shews it to be invented against scabs and itch. It is apropriated to the Hemorrhoids as the title shews. Its use is the same with the former. Common oyntment of Baies. It is a fine gentle cleansing oyntment. Take of Per-rozin, Turpentine, yellow Wax, pure Oyl, of each equal parts mix them together. Unguentum aliud splenicum Magistrale.

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John Ardern of Newark. This is word for word from the old Manuscript quoth the Colledge. Let the Apothecary take heed he burn not the Honey in boiling it. It strengthens the stomach and liver provokes appetite and help, digestion. An Oyntment for the Worms.

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The belly being anointed with it, kills the Worms. Miss McKinmy and Miss Brown submitted to the club a i! Gets His Conductor to Try It. I'dered on - more than one occasion kilh: He porary Literaiiire,-' which the -club accepted with a rising vote of th;,kK. Dalton served delicious tea and sandwic'. For seme years she has made her home in Winston with bar broiler.

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She is one of the moi-t charming women in the wneri u inoveiiHMii whs luunciieu 10 move the county seat to Reidsville might have been avoided had the present hard-surfaceil road from here to Wentworth been a reality. The eight-mile stretch has just been completed, the last laying of concrete has been covered with sand, and 'on October Miss Louise Bass Balsley, of Reids have to pay tax on him and we would not have taken in cash for him. He was a good catt'o dog. They almost ran over our team.

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Saturday morning I at a -ebautifully appointed luncheon ' honoring Miss Pearl Humphrey, of Greensboro, whose wedding is to be an important event of October, and i Miss Kitty Mae Irvin, of Reidsville 0' rende'ZV01J8' 1 a sales' whose nuptials will be celebrated h me on gouth gcaleg gtreet and 0f. Those who predicted that King Tut's builders made better time than the crew; on the Reidsville-Went worth road, missed their guess, though it took long enough at that! This new road puts Reidsville within a few minutes of the county seat, and therefore will stop the talk about moving the court house.

Parry, widely known Allentown mo-tonnan, who lives at Chew St. I developed gas pains in my stomach that were constant misery. Sometimes the gas got up around my heart and I thought I had heart trouble and would have to give up working. Doctors said it was indigestion caused by sluggish liver. At night I would roll and toss in my bed and have terrible dreams and was very constipated. I never would have believed what just one bottle of Paw Paw Tonic would do, after what I suffered! As I took the tonic, the gas began to leave me.

I can noW eat fine and my food doesn't hurt me. I sleep soundly all night.

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When I awake, I fcsl rested. In fact, I feel better state, t;;inlj,: She has traveled extensively in America and.

Statesville is siEEularly fortunate in gaining her. Harmess is a well known at tor-lit y 'of Statesville. Two years ago he was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for secretary of statp of North Carolina. At the present time he is Superior court clerk of Iredell county. From 11 to 1 o'clock the pa me progressed and when scores were f. Four of the defendants plead guilty and were taxes with lines of? Williams had as ville, received a vanity lor holding ss"t;iate for ixt years Dr. For five years they high score. Salad and ice courses were served.

Those who gave-their patron age to Drs. Williams and Tankersley in the past will be gratified to know that Dr. Tankersley will continue the work. A geon of ability and justified the abso-1 than Walters. Mss Sarah Irvin a:: It is only one of many testimonials, however, that are continually pouring in from grateful men and women everywhere, whose suffering it has relieved. Do YOU have similar trouble?

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Is your stomach out of sorts; do you feel tired out and run down; do you sleep poorly; do you have bad appetite, with no enjoyment of your meals? Then, do not hesitate one moment to take Munyon'i Paw Paw Tonic. Buy a bottle today at your druggist's and get relief, it costs only SI a bottle, an absurdly low price, in comparison with the good it will probably do you. Gt a bottle today. Ask for Munyon's Paw Paw Tonic. W, held its regular quarterly meeting at the home of Mrs. This a the August me-t-ing,.

Three new meni- lute confidfience Dr. Williams reposed in him. Work of grading roads to this new summer resort and other development, work is progessing well. Miss Irvin is a c. Walters and a sister of Miss Sarah Irvin. She motored, over for the party. Pink was the color note of the decorations being carried out by the use of many dahlias.

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Miss Julia Cold he'd high score "when ih-i" j lay i: Walker, were ' magniticc nt view of the country for io iry il, Deli ving it would ber-, frs Ann: Mowai il and Mi wekoi-. It is planned to make this one of the leading summer resorts in the South and sevcial hundred cottages and bungalows will be built for use next summt..

A practically new Nash sedan belonging to W.