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It actually was refreshing. I'll definitely be reading the next book. Apr 27, Joan rated it it was ok. This was not really what I expected. Leaving aside the poor punctuation and the frequent changes in tense, the story itself is not uninteresting but it nearly became a DNF. There was far too much emphasis on Lancelot's desire for her and the real 'meat' of the tale, the relationship between Arthur and Lancelo This was not really what I expected. There was far too much emphasis on Lancelot's desire for her and the real 'meat' of the tale, the relationship between Arthur and Lancelot seemed to be almost an afterthought.

Some aspects of the tale were well written, but the constant use of 'fuck' and 'dick' were unsettling and pulled me out of the 'era'. But I wonder if the author had done serious research into the effects of whipping? On a final note, although the overall idea was interesting I like the fact that the fey are written as evil , I am not tempted to continue reading the series.

Sep 06, Nibedita rated it it was ok. I didn't get very far into this book, mostly because of the atrocious punctuation and fragmented, clumsy sentence structure. The premise seemed promising at first, and Luddington gets props for dealing with original, Arthurian raw material, as it were - but her handling of said raw material leaves much to be desired. If you want to convey to your readers that your MC is bisexual, there are better ways to do it than have him a have a sexual encounter with a whore ten pages into the book I didn't get very far into this book, mostly because of the atrocious punctuation and fragmented, clumsy sentence structure.

If you want to convey to your readers that your MC is bisexual, there are better ways to do it than have him a have a sexual encounter with a whore ten pages into the book, and then b start lusting after a young 'boy' he encounters not two pages later, noting along the way how beautiful and feminine said boy is. And while we're on the subject of cliches - faeriefolk using their sexy sex-magic to enslave men? Not very original, eh? This is a re-telling of King Arthur and Lancelot.

This is an intriguing take on the story, it quickly drew me in and had me wanting to know what was going to happen next. I liked the characters and felt for them as they struggled with their feelings. There is something for everyone in this book from action, suspense, and love. I look forward to reading what happens next. Sep 09, Furio rated it it was ok Shelves: I have mixed feelings about this novel, the first in a rather long series.

Some reviewers especially on Am. While everyone is certainly entitled to his own opinions a simple reading of the editorial blurb would have prevented their delicate heterosexuality from being tarnished by this "sinful" work. Let us concentrate on this work's REAL assets and issues: Her plot is tight, fast, compelling. There is not a single dull moment, every scene is well thought of and alive.

Psychologies are not always consistent and they tend to change according to the author's need to outline a good climax. Characters are also kind of stereotyped with just some interesting twist here and there; - the number of anachronisms is staggering; - inconsistencies in minor details, typos and mistakes cry out lout for a good editor to take this work into his hands.

I am not sure wether I will be reading the next episodes anytime soon. I tend to notice editorial issues and I fear they will only increase as the series progresses. A pity as the gay twist to the Arthurian tale was a much needed development. Mar 09, Merissa Archaeolibrarian rated it really liked it. I am a life long fan of Arthur and his round table; of Camelot and her Knights; of Merlin and his magic so when I came across this book I was happy as I knew I'd enjoy it.

What I didn't realise was how well written it was, what a twist it would be given and how delicately and sympathetically it would be done. This book is about the love that is felt between PEOPLE not between sexes and how people react and interact in any situation, as well as giving you an incredibly intriguing story that takes I am a life long fan of Arthur and his round table; of Camelot and her Knights; of Merlin and his magic so when I came across this book I was happy as I knew I'd enjoy it.

This book is about the love that is felt between PEOPLE not between sexes and how people react and interact in any situation, as well as giving you an incredibly intriguing story that takes you on a mystical and magical journey. Loved it and looking forward to getting the second.

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Oct 14, Tracey Sinclair rated it it was ok. I SO wanted to like this book, especially after hearing that the author has been targeted by homophobes for reimagining Lancelot as bisexual, but I just couldn't get away with the writing. The ebook is also appallingly proofed: In the end I gave up, as the story wasn't gripping and I disliked the prose style. View all 3 comments. Oct 22, Nemo The Moonlight Library marked it as not-an-offensive-name.

In the Company of Wolves (SWAT, #3) by Paige Tyler

It's 'hanged', not 'hung'. I received a copy of this from LesCourt Author Services. This is my honest opinion and review. This is a different take on Arthur and the knights of the round table. Poor Lancelot has a lot to figure out when it comes to his emotions and the purple he is closest to. He broke his spirit when Arthur had to banish him and he hurt even more for the pain that Arthur was going through.

He was decided by someone he thought he loved, but he hurt the one that he loved the most when his secrecy was reveale I received a copy of this from LesCourt Author Services. He was decided by someone he thought he loved, but he hurt the one that he loved the most when his secrecy was revealed.

Lancelot has to battle confusing emotions, saving a youth from a bad situation and then getting himself into an even worse situation. His time is running out and now he must convince the person that let him go, to believe in him again. I feel bad for all that Lancelot needs to go through. Else brings a whole other problem into his life and makes his life even harder. He needs to conquer his addictions and his emotions.

I liked the complexity of the characters and how much is going on in the story even though most of the action is mental. This story ends at a slight cliffhanger, but don't let that stop you. Dwell on Lancelot's turmoil and pain. Watch him figure out his feelings and celebrate when he finally starts to accept himself and the one he loved While I felt like there were some slower areas, I think that the book progressed with the characters and we get to see how the main characters change since the end of the book.

We start the story with Lancelot banished from the kingdom for sleeping with Guinevere, but the when Arthur calls for him he returns with out hesitation, in the name of his duty to the kingdom and his love for Arthur. He gains a new squire he rescues on his way, and upon his return they all set out on their quest. It started a little too much into the middle of the story for me and I spent most of the beginning trying to catch up with the story.

It also moved a little slow at first as well as a few spots in the middle. There was a lot of set up that needed to happen in order to follow all of the plot lines within the story, which is a rough task for any author to conquer so the slow points were a little unavoidable I think. Lancelot, King Arthur and Camelot were the story of ultimate knighthood and devotion to a king or queen. I must admit that I started this book with a little apprehension based on what I had read on the author's website.

I was so immediately captivated that I finished reading the book within three days. How totally unexpected and even more refreshing to see an unexplored and potentially very humanly realistic approach of what life could well have been like in those days. The author has certa Lancelot, King Arthur and Camelot were the story of ultimate knighthood and devotion to a king or queen. The author has certainly taken risks and definitely shown great courage, profound insight into the human psyche, all the while keeping the essence of what all of us who have ever had an interest in Lancelot and King Arthur love about this era and the legend.

It was truly refreshing for me to read about a whole new world full of possibilities around a legend that had only been told and retold too many times without anything close to inspiration. It must be noted however, that this book is not for the faint of heart. I will definitely pursue the other adventures. Lancelot has been banished from Camelot for sleeping with Guinevere.

Back badly scarred from being whipped, by Arthur, he is attempting to heal. He find a willing woman in a bar and enjoys his evening. Waking to sounds of a scuffle, he looks out and see a young boy soon to become two men's fun. He rescues Else and they barely make it out of the town. Constant danger dogs them till Else get them to a safe place. He must once again escape and return to Eng Lancelot has been banished from Camelot for sleeping with Guinevere. He must once again escape and return to England to protect Arthur.

Dragging the key, Else, with him. After much drama, they leave on a quest to find Merlin. Throw some Vengeful Fae into the mix and surprises from Lancelot's women round out the tale. There are more books in the series, so this one ended in an odd place.

In the Company of Wolves

I received an arc of this book for review. Different and Intriguing A very different take on Lancelot and Arthur, and definitely in the paranormal vein. The author did a good job with the world building, and the book was filled with a lot of action and drama. It was a fast paced book, and only book one in a long series. If you like historical no Different and Intriguing A very different take on Lancelot and Arthur, and definitely in the paranormal vein. If you like historical novels with a paranormal twist, this book is for you. Lancelot is very loyal to Arthur and will do everything in his power to protect him even though fate keeps throwing him curve balls!

It's fight after fight until he eventually ends up where it all started, Camelot, where he was originally banished from for sleeping with Guinevere! Ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger which will continue in the next book of the series. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. I've never read any of the King Arthur legends. I watched that one Sean Connery and Richard Gere movie and found it trite. I made a couple of half-hearted attempts to watch "Merlin" and lost interest. Not that these aren't my kind of stories.

I love a good fantasy tale. The only reason I got this book was because of all the one-star reviews gay-bashing it. So I'm giving this a neutral three-star review only because I know I can't really be unbiased, having no interest in the subject matter going into it, and a lot of the things I found to be confusing were largely due to my ignorance of the legends. The story takes place after what I assume are the events of the actual tales as told in ye olde tymes. Lancelot has been stripped of his knighthood and banished from Camelot, and all of England. Is Arthur actually the king of all of England?

I thought "England" was actually still a bunch of serfdoms back in this time and not a country in its own right. After his banishment, Lancelot sails off to I don't know where, but they speak English there too. He meets a young boy in trouble and saves him, and they travel together for awhile. But Lancelot's new squire isn't all he appears to be, and soon there are extremely mean fairies getting up in Lancelot's business. Like, ALL of his business. It touches pretty much every character in one way or another, be it sexual or otherwise.

I didn't stop reading though, since I felt the non-con was handled pretty well. It's actually openly acknowledged as non-con by all the characters, and there's no attempt at rape-apology or any of that nonsense, or at least none that I've noticed. The fey who use this spell are rightly cast in a negative light for their attempts to use this form of magic to get what they want. The one niggle I do have about it is that Else's experiences in this are not as well explored as Lancelot's.

They aren't ignored though, and this is Lancelot's story, so it's only a minor niggle. Others more sensitive to the subject matter may want to proceed with caution. Overall, I liked the story well enough, though not enough to continue with the series. It doesn't end on a cliffhanger, though there is still obviously plenty of story to come. The characters are all well-developed, there're some really cool action scenes, just enough mystery to keep the pages turning, and plenty of man-angst as Lancelot comes to terms with his feelings for Arthur and what they really mean.

There were some distracting grammatical errors throughout the book: I would suggest an editor, or even a fresh pair of eyes, to beta read this and clean it up. Oct 27, Arthurianmaiden rated it it was ok Shelves: It happened with Douglas Clegg's Mordred book but then the series never continued so I needed something new and complete. Of course, I have some expectations about various characters but I am usually very open to new representation of characters like Arthur, Mordred, Lancelot and mostly all of the knights and many of the ladies.

I will start with what I liked in the book. For this reason I have to say that I liked very much how the author depicted sir Kay, Geraint and Arthur himself. They were characterized quite differently from other books I have read. And as much as I am not a fan of fantasy elements heavily inserted into arthuriana I quite liked the plot of the novel, how Lancelot and Else had to save Arthur and how Arthur was in danger with poison and magic during the book. I also liked the beginning, the idea of Else dressed as a man and how the plot started in the middle of everything, keeping you wondering what happened to Lancelot and for people famliar with arthuriana in which point of the story we are.

And now for the things I didn't like. I didn't like the way Lancelot was portayed. Not because the character was flayed of dark-ish or anything it is a characterization which I usually like very much in him , but for the actual way the character was written. I was utterly confused by him and his feelings. He seemed like a character who was confused himself, not knowing who he loved, why he loved, when to fall in love- at the beginning he admits he loved Guinevere, then he suddenly falls in love with Else and even if I couldn't feel the love story and it happened quickly it was somewhat more realistic than his love for Arthur then No, he recognizes his love for Arthur Has he always loved Arthur but never had the courage to recognize it?

And I couldn't understand why Lancelot was absolutely fine in admitting to love Arthur and at the same time loving and wanting to marry Else. The way Lancelot the author? All the feelings seemed flat. As I said, I have still to finish the novel. If the review stays the same Feb 16, Drako rated it it was amazing. I love the stories of King Arthur. I will always be drawn to them. So naturally this one caught my eye. My oh my am I glad it did. We begin this story after Lancelot's affair with Guinevere and subsequent punishment and banishment by author.

Contrary to popular versions, he did not rescue Guinevere and escape with her. In fact, he took all of the blame for their affair despite the fact that Guinevere seduced him. Right off, we understand that Lancelot has a great love for his king and immense gui I love the stories of King Arthur. Right off, we understand that Lancelot has a great love for his king and immense guilt for hurting Arthur. But he is banished and leaves England. In the next village, he's determined to enter a life of drinking and sleeping with whores, but that changes when he meets Else, a boy he rescues from being raped.

Off they go on an adventure, with Else as his squire. But they are chased by authorities and when Else is wounded, Lancelot learns that Else is a woman, and the daughter of Merlin. They enter the land of the fey and are locked in a spell, which Else narrowly gets them out of but she finally tells Lancelot the truth.

She needs him to rescue author from the Fey and those in his own court that seek to take his throne. But, they are locked under a spell which they need Merlin to free them from and so they venture back to Camelot. It's not an easy venture and much has gone wrong in the legendary kingdom, including the king. But with some convincing they persuade Arthur to help them find Merlin and the adventure gets stranger as we discover the real love between Arthur and Lancelot. It's a love both have fought for years because they were told it is unnatural.

But in the end, they must face it and accept it. I was pleasantly surprised with this book. Guinevere is quite the harpie in this version to put it nicely and Nimue, the love of Merlin, is even worse. I was quite surprised to see her as a fey in this story and mother of Else, but it made things interesting.

The bond between Arthur and Lancelot was a way I would never have seen them before, but it was so intriguing. I was glued to this book. I really felt for Arthur and Lancelot and all the pain they caused each other. For me, that was a storybook romance. Filled with bumps and betrayal, and some off the wall explanations, but I must read the rest of this series. Jun 01, Leah rated it really liked it Shelves: The blurb days nothing about how the book contains a love triangle with a woman which though I get people leave out in reviews because they don't want to give spoilers, I would have liked to know up front!

It nearly made me stop reading until I actually understood that it was a love triangle and that the focus was on Arthur and that Arthur was indeed the main squeeze in the story.

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  6. What romance there is between Lancelot and Else feels false, and while it's intentionally so, it's also annoying in that I didn't want it to be there in the first place. Lancelot's thoughts and narration about his desire for Else make it feel real. Besides that I felt betrayed when else ended up being a woman. It's testament to the writing that I kept reading even though a few chapters in I felt very betrayed and annoyed.

    I really liked her as a boy. After she turned out to be one she also seemed to turn into a cardboard-cutout with the only objective of causing Lancelot some pain and setting up several very frustrating chances for UST. And oh the UST. I nearly stopped reading because of that too, especially between Lancelot and Arthur. There is only so much I can take and I don't feel like their final getting together was as ground shaking as all of the other moments of nearly getting together made it seem.

    Don't get me wrong, I really, really enjoyed everything between Arthur and Lancelot, I just wish Else wasn't involved at all now. I also really enjoyed the setting and research into the history and the narration about the horses and the like. Some parts were really cool, and those were the parts that prompted me to give it 4 stars. I really like Lancelot as a character, it's not often I read bi characters in fantasy settings and certainly not when they're a Knight. I'm not sure I would read the second in the series, I only got the first because it was free through the apple store on my iPad.

    Aug 02, Sarah-Jayne Briggs rated it really liked it Shelves: This review may contain spoilers. After a bit of hesitation over the whole modern-day swear words this is probably a pet peeve of mine, but if a book's set in fantasy or medieval setting, I'd rather modern-day swear words weren't used, since they wouldn't be a part of the culture and wouldn't have been used in the time this book was set , I managed to get into it It took me a little while to get behind Lancelot as a hero.

    He comes across as Still, at the same time, there was something oddly appealing about this broken, vicious version of Lancelot. He still had honour and he was still incredibly loyal to Arthur, despite having been flogged and exiled.

    Get A Copy

    I found myself questioning the realism of Lancelot surviving a flogging like that, but it seems to make sense given what's hinted at later in the book. I wasn't expecting how the romance went. I was surprised - though not in a bad way - by the two characters who ended up forming a relationship by the end.

    However, it did make sense. There was undeniable chemistry between the two of them and the relationship, although broken and tentative, did make a lot of sense. I'm not naming which characters, simply because I don't want to spoil it for anyone. It was quite effective to discover it myself without having come across spoilers first. I liked the book enough to buy the next three in the series before I'd even finished the first book.

    I think that indicates that I like a series and plan to stick with it. So at some point after I've finished various other books , I will be reading the next books in this series. This was definitely a really good book and I'm very glad I decided to take a chance on it. He must fight to regain his honour and his "King Arthur has dominated my life for decades and now I am banished from his side.

    He must fight to regain his honour and his King's life. I had grown tired of the run-of-the-mill retellings of the story where Lancelot falls in love with Guinevere, Arthur forgives him, Lancelot still is part of the group, everyone is happy, and so on. I wanted to see different interpretations of the story and Sarah Luddington delivered the goods, in spades. I never saw it coming, actually. Her characterizations of Lancelot, Else, Geraint, and then of Arthur, and finally Merlin was like finding old friends in a new, but familiar place.

    I watched his friendship with Else develop and then cheered when Geraint showed up. And I cried when he met up with Arthur. Lancelot and the Wolf changed the Arthurian legends, true. But I do believe that there is room for change, for a retelling where things are not as they have been but as they may have been, in a different mirror, a different time.

    And there are two more books, so far, in the series, Lancelot and the Sword , and Lancelot and the Grail , both of which I will be picking up soon and reading. Jul 26, Joanna Lambert rated it really liked it. I have often downloaded fantasy and quite enjoy the genre. Having a great passion for all things Arthurian - especially Launcelot - coupled with the fact this book was free, I decided to download.

    It's interesting to see the various reviews and their takes on the story. Some enjoyed it, other didn't. No reader will see a story in the same light as someone else, we are all different. I do, however, find it difficult when readers take a knife to something as is the case in some of the reviews here. Especially as some, like me, took advantage of a free download. You dislike it that much you don't review, that's the way I do things.

    OK some books disappoint, but they are bound to. It would be a wonderful world if we liked everything we read. After Xander met Khaki, it had only gotten worse. It was the number one topic of conversation whenever they had some downtime. Hell, even when they were on incidents. Becker was just as guilty as the other guys when it came to wondering if there was someone special out there for him.

    Book three basically has the best set-up, though. SWAT team is cleaning up extra crime after the death of the big time criminal boss that was killed in book one's story. In comes this team of thieves who are going around causing mayhem in downtown Dallas. Upon foiling one of their heists, surprise!

    The werewolves are facing another team of werewolves; but way less badass. Eric stumbles across one who completely shortcircuits his brain. Sure she's gorgeous, and only the second female werewolf he's seen, but the feeling, her scent! Has he found his The One? She left home at seventeen after her stepfather tried to assault her, triggering her change, and after some time spent on the streets was taken in by an alpha and his pack of betas. We had additional lore to this world!

    I'm loving that Tyler keeps throwing us more elements to her wolves in each book. I prefer to think that the way I feel about you is purely because of the person you are, not because of any werewolf magic. Deciding to infiltrate the pack as an omega, basically a beefcake berserker, he and Jayna start to sew dissent and take down the mobsters and her shitty alpha in order to rescue her pack from their clutches.

    I thought you'd been a werewolf a lot than longer than I have. I don't have a problem with you being smarter than I am. I find smart women to be very sexy. Also her backstory added a nice element to the romance that kept things from being too smutty and instead more about connection, consent, and communication. Yes, there's a but. What stopped this from being a four-star read I know, I'm surprised too was the villain.

    While I was fine with the crazy berserkers and the Albanian mob full of creeps, it was the bigger villain in the once-kind but since-twisted alpha of Jayna's pack who.. Tyler's bad guys are just kind of one dimensional. Their motives are always just too moustache-twirling-evil but in kind of a "you're a dumb dumb" way. Liam really took this book down a notch. Tyler veered away from some of the formula I saw her sticking to and I appreciated this slight departure from what she'd established. I'm much more excited about reading on in this series than I was earlier today. Paige Tyler is somewhat of a new author for me.

    We only know that the SWAT team is comprised of all werewolves and no one else knows that but its members. However, when an attack occurs and SWAT soon realizes that there are other werewolves out there, things get much more interest for the group. This is especially true for Eric Becker because at the scene of the crime, he helps one of the other member of the team hide, even going as far as storing her in a crate and dousing her with perfume to mask his scent. And as Becker discovers her involvement with her pack and a bunch of mobsters, Tyler explores more of her world.

    I guess the author plans of revealing things as they come up. Despite that though, I still very much enjoyed this book. I would have loved to seen more of the other members of the SWAT team. Jul 10, Danielle rated it it was amazing Shelves: After all that anticipation, In the Company of Wolves could have easily been a disappointment but Ms. Tyler came through big time and gave me another book that I absolutely loved! Janya ran away from home when she was seventeen after an incident with her stepfather caused the change in her.

    Her alpha, Liam, took her in a year later and she's been Paige Tyler's SWAT Series is easily one of my favorite series of and as soon as I met Becker I couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy of his book. Her alpha, Liam, took her in a year later and she's been a part of his pack ever since. As a beta, Jayna has a strong pack mentality, and even though she doesn't agree with the mess that Liam has gotten her pack in, she stays with him and does his bidding Until she meets Becker, that is.

    As soon as he sets eyes on her he feels a connection that urges him to help her escape. And after some digging, and getting to know Jayna a little bit, Becker then goes undercover in Jayna's pack to help her and the other betas escape from the Albanians. I love the instant connection between Becker and Jayna. While he wasn't sure that she was his "one" from the get-go he knew that she was special. And Jayna, having no idea that werewolves had soulmates, still felt that instant connection to him and knew that she could trust him to keep her safe. I feel like there was a lot more sit around and wait in this one than there was in the previous books in this series but there was still enough action to keep it interesting.

    And poor Becker, the man was constantly getting bandaged up from putting himself in harms way. Of course it was great to see Xander, Khaki, and the rest of the gang again. And of course I absolutely cannot wait for the next book in the series Please, please say it's Cooper!!!!

    Action packed sequences and hot romance fill the pages of this novel with a vivid story. Her descriptions paint this world in a larger than life manner, allowing me to picture each aspect of it. Alpha male-ness simply oozes from the characters in this novel. Tyler has created the ultimate males to make a woman drool. Not only are they strong and super alpha, but they also care and take care of those around them. I love how they all band together toward a common goal.

    The male lead in this story is no exception. He was easy to fall in love with. The contrast between him and the female lead in this story was fantastic. She was loveable and easy to get to know in a completely different manner. Her alpha wolves never fail to draw me in to their high stakes adventures. Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review. Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy: Jayna is an amazing character, and the action and danger barely ever let up. I devoured this book in one sitting. Jayna, who ran away from home at seventeen after horrific events, steals the show.

    She is not the leader of her pack of Betas, but she is the heart and soul of her group. Their Alpha leads them into some pretty shady situations, eventually exposing them to Albanian mobsters who use them to do their dirty work. As their Alpha begins to act less and less in the interest of the pack, she steps up and protects her family, growing as a leader but also growing in power as an Alpha herself. Her character was a joy to read and watch evolve. Even though this series does use the trope of fated mates, it's never used as an excuse for the Jayna and Eric to be together, just as an reason as to why they fit so well.

    Jayna has a lot of trouble deciding where her loyalties lie - with Eric, whom she loves, or with her packmates whom she loves perhaps even more. Just because he is the One doesn't mean that she throws logic and responsibility out the window. The distinctions are made between alphas, betas and omegas in this book, which is interesting.

    All of the SWAT werewolves are relatively new turns who have never experienced true pack life - it's unusual for 16 alphas to live and work together as they do at the SWAT compound. The differences in control, strength and outlook round out the werewolf mythology and add a great dimension to a series with an already cool version of this often used theme.

    Still, it shows Jayna's strength and is really well written. It's not clear yet wether there is another book coming in the series, but I am hoping there is and will be following what Paige Tyler does next regardless. This series gets better with each book and in this one we are additionally introduced to beta's and omega's expanding the world building in the series.

    Jayna Winston was 17 when she first turned during a harrowing ordeal with her step dad. After running away she ends up with pack of werewolf's that she comes to care deeply about. Four years later the supposed Alpha of that group has them invol This series gets better with each book and in this one we are additionally introduced to beta's and omega's expanding the world building in the series.

    Four years later the supposed Alpha of that group has them involved in illegal activities with a family of mobsters. SWAT had no idea that the mobsters had hired a group of werewolves to do their dirty work and things get quite messy. Eric ends up meeting Jayna during a shootout in the warehouse and hides her from both her team and his for her safety. I liked the introduction of the new type of werewolves.

    As we learned in the second book women can also be Alpha's which Jayna clearly was but had no idea until Eric showed her. Where the last book in the series showed us the inner workings of the SWAT team this one focused more on the actual pact hierarchy. Jayna had become very close to a group of beta's who are very loyal to her. The other type we were introduced to was the Omega's who were portrayed as having no loyalty to anyone but themselves and not able to control their inner wolves as well.

    There are plenty more SWAT members stories to tell and I looked forward to them and the world building that the author is doing throughout the series. Another fun fast-paced installment!! I must say that I was surprised to read how Becker being so sweet to Jayne. But Becker -- I still couldn't think of him as Eric, even if Jayna called him that -- was showing that he was as Alpha as Gage and Xander; especially by going undercover to inflitrate a bunch of scary Albanians gang. Jayna was another st Another fun fast-paced installment!!

    Jayna was another strong heroine -- even though I think she was the youngest heroine so far compared to Mac or Khaki, but she was gutsy. I was impressed with her calmness in handling some of the dangerous situations, like during the Mexican standoffs between the Albanians and the omegas. Also near the end when she proved that she could fight her ass off, even if she wasn't completely embraced her alpha-ness.

    The story went outside the SWAT team environment this time; with Jayna having her own pack of betas to protect and Becker going undercover to help her out. So there wasn't a lot SWAT team time. I didn't mind because it was nice to understand more about the werewolves mythology this time around. Paige Tyler finally introduced us to the concept of betas and omegas in addition to the alphas which made the world-built more complex than the previous two.

    I would love to know more about Tyler's ideas of werewolves in the next book. By the way, I am happy that the next book will be about Cooper. I expect to see him doing more shirtless cooking!! Cute, if awfully light in storyline. The fact that these guys were 'werewolves' was the barest bones of window dressing for story purposes. I finished it; but I skimmed Even at that, it took me an inordinately long time to muster up the interest to make it to the end.

    And it was mushy. After the first few gushings about Jayna being The One , I was rolling my eyes and gagging. For complete review check out my blog at https: Every act of violence brings us closer to death. A brutal, drunken stepfather. Living in a hellhole of an apartment, waiting for said stepfather to storm into her room and rape her.

    Jayna Winston fled into the night on the very night that nearly happened. Bloody, beaten and alone. Fast forward to the present day, and Jayna finds herself in a hell of a mess. Now, her alpha, Liam, has placed his small pack into the hands of the Albanian mob, locked them into committing crimes, from theft to murder. Because Liam said there were no werewolves in Dallas.

    Especially no alpha werewolves. But now, in a warehouse in a bad part of Dallas, Jayna and the omega wolves Liam has taken in — huge, ruthless, savage — are surrounded. Surrounded by a SWAT team composed completely of wolves. A whole pack of alpha wolves. Toe-to-toe to one of said wolves, Jayna knows she will never survive. Until the alpha wolf dumps her into a packing crate, tells her to be very, very quiet — and then pours a shipment of very expensive perfume over the crate to block her scent.

    See a Problem?

    Why did that happen? And to make it even weirder, the alpha, Eric Becker, tracks her down. He wants to help. Liam may have dropped Jayna and her tiny pack into certain death, but Becker wants to help. No one has ever offered to actually help Jayna. But Becker has a plan. First, he has to present himself as an omega, and be accepted by Frasheri, the Albanian mob boss, and his underboss, the psychopath Kostandin. Well, here is what is going to happen. Neither Jayna nor her pack members, or Becker himself, have been wolves for very long, all learning what it means.

    All have things to teach one another. Jayna is terrified, of course, of losing her much loved pack members, even Liam who sold them out to the mob in exchange for money and the illusion of power. To save them she will have to be stronger than she ever could have imagined. And she comes through beautifully. Becker and his people are strong, of course, but also very human in the best sort of way. I received In the Company of Wolves from the publisher in exchange for a realistic review.

    All thoughts are my own. Dec 31, Laura the Highland Hussy rated it liked it. Review posted on Got Fiction? I really love Paige Tyler's werewolves. It's a fresh take on werewolves without feeling like it's something crazy and out there.


    This books starts with something a little darker than normal. Jayna is trying to ignore her mom and stepdad fighting, but when it gets to the point where she can't ignore it any more, she tries to run. And he catches her before she can climb out the window. And she knows the look Review posted on Got Fiction? And she knows the look in his eyes. Fast forward several years later, and her pack, the one that pulled her off the streets and gave her a home and family, is in trouble. Their alpha has said that he's in too deep with some mobsters, and he needs the pack to do a couple of jobs to work off his debt.

    Jayna and the others are pissed, because they've stolen to eat before, but never anything like this. And every time they think they're out, their alpha tells them he needs them again. It becomes clear to her that he's in this willingly, and they aren't going to leave any time soon. Eric Becker is part of the Dallas SWAT Special Wolf Alpha Team team, and when he and his team are at a warehouse during a sting, he sees a lovely and delicious little female wolf holding a very large weapon aimed at him.

    But instead of ordering her to drop the weapon, he helps hide her from both the bad guys, and the good guys. Instead of telling his team leader, his alpha, someone who's broken rules for the woman he loves, he hides it from all but his one best friend, and decides to track her down and help her. When he realizes that she can't leave her pack behind, he decides right then to help out from within. The bad guys have been outsourcing werewolves who have no loyalties to anyone, called Omegas, and since Jayna's pack is full of Betas, a group who needs the pack bond more than anything, and who in turn strengthen that pack bond, these Omegas are pretty bad dudes.

    Beck goes in as an Omega. I mean he went deep undercover without telling his alpha. An alpha who would have understood. An alpha who then could have made it a sanctioned op and given him backup and help. I mean, his alpha didn't find out until close to the end, and I felt it was very out of place. Like, he wouldn't have said no. So why hide it? I still don't get that choice by the author.

    [ Horror audiobook ] revulsion and delight - fantasy Short Stories

    But, on the whole, it's a good book, and a solid series. Apr 29, Hannah rated it it was amazing. Special Wolf Alpha Team series. Ohhh, I loved it. Paige Tyler has a way about her writing that's just completely So far we have just seen alphas but that's not all there are as we see in this exciting new addition to the series. Eric Becker fell in love at first sight, the fact that she was holding a gun to his head didn't cloud matters at all.

    But the fact that she is part of the new gang of criminals infiltrating Dallas put a bit of a damper on the whole she's my mate thing. Gage Dixon gets a tip that the new band of thugs will be hitting a warehouse is the first lead they have had and the team doesn't hold back especially when they realize the thieves are shifters too. The sweet smell of Becker's mate switches him to protective mood and risks his career to make sure she gets out alive and not in handcuffs.

    With Landry's help Becker hides her in a crate and breaks perfume bottles over her to hide her scent from the others. Only Becker's ingenuity and loads of patience lead him back to her. Jayna Winston found out she was a shifter when her stepfather tried to rape her. She left home after nearly killing him for trying, ever since she has been traveling with another group of shifter who are like her betas lead by the alpha who saved her from living on the streets.

    Only recently has her faith in her alpha wavered, ever since he got the pack mixed up with the Albanian mob and a group of unbalanced and wild omegas. Claiming he owed them money and the only way to pay it off was to work it off by robbing certain places and basically help take over the Dallas area. Jayna stays because she is worried about her pack mates they aren't strong enough on their own and their loyalty to their alpha is strong even if he is risking their lives. Jayna doesn't know why the good looking SWAT guy didn't arrest her but she isn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth but when he tracks her down she doesn't know what to think she just has an unnerving urge to confide everything to him.

    Becker risks his life and his job to protect Jayna and her pack mates from the omegas and the crazy Albanian mobsters, by going undercover as an omega. His plan to turn them against each other starts off good but works a little too well. Becker and Jayna even have time to get to know each other and reaffirm with each other that they are mates. Jayna also has to come to terms with the fact that she is now the alpha for her pack. Overall, very exciting, from beginning to end it's almost non-stop action. And I'm waiting on baited breath for Landry Cooper's book.

    My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at Hotlistens. This series just keeps getting better and better. As we learn more about the members of the Dallas SWAT team, we are also learning more about werewolf lore. Tyler is not willing to give us too much information in any one story. We are just getting bit and pieces of this lore. In this story, we learn that alphas are not the only kind of werewolves that exist. There are also betas and omegas. These are not the same My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at Hotlistens.

    These are not the same betas and omegas that we get in other stories and I liked the take that Tyler took with her lore. We continue to see stories of traumatic events that are turning people into werewolves. We also are reminded that traumatic events can come from family just as much as it can come from war. Seeing the events that turn Jayna were tough.

    One thing that really increased the action in this story, was the fact that the group of bad guys are also werewolves. She believes that she is doing dangerous jobs for these mobsters because her pack owns them money. She still continues to put her faith in her pack alpha, because that is what a pack does. That is until Becker saves her. There is also time spent with the previous couples from the first two books.

    In this book she has the job of tackling the Albanian mobsters. I have no idea what an Albanian accent should sound like, but she had to create the accent of several different eastern Europeans mobster type guys. I thought she did a pretty good job with this task. She continues to do well with both men and women, pace and tone as well. Dec 16, Stephanie G rated it it was amazing Shelves: Anticipation builds as the story starts off with one heck of a shootout and the excitement only continues to build throughout the story as Becker tries to figure out a way to help Jayna and her pack escape a nasty situation but with Eastern European mobsters in the mix anything and everything could go wrong keeping everyone on their toes.

    Less talk of The One was a welcomed changed. But don't worry romance fans, there was a happy ever after and some smexy times. What got me excited was more werewolf mythology coming to the forefront. Until now we've only seen alpha wolves. Tyler introduces omegas and betas and I love how none This review was originally posted at The Book Nympho In the Company of Wolves is more action and less romance compared to the previous books in the SWAT series by Paige Tyler, but that's not a bad thing.

    Tyler introduces omegas and betas and I love how none of them know all the rules to being a werewolf. The characters are learning about what makes werewolves tick as the readers do. It's like watching someone put together the pieces of a puzzle, just when you think you know what the picture will be there's a surprise piece that changes the landscape. Jayna is a tough heroine with a crappy past and a dangerous present.

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    • Lancelot And The Wolf.
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    The chemistry between the two is hot and sweet at the same time. Craden and Paige is a great time in the paranormal romance genre. I can't wait to hear what the two brings us next with the fourth book in the series. I'm hoping its Cooper's story. Nov 03, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: I absolutely enjoyed the book! It was fast-paced, exciting and dangerous! Becker and Jayna were perfect together. Jayna is a strong wolf whose loyalty is unbreakable.

    I love her strength and her ability to overcome unimaginable circumstances. What I really liked about the book was the introduction of the new wolves. They created a who I absolutely enjoyed the book! Nov 06, WiLoveBooks rated it it was amazing Shelves: They meet under unusual circumstances. He wants to protect her. She's in a bad situation and doesn't know how to get out. She trusts him even though she doesn't usually trust people. I loved these two.

    Eric is super sweet and patient, perfect for Jayna who had a rough start in life. This series is great. It is about the SWAT team but each couple and story is very different. I can't wait to read Cooper's story. He's always helping the other guys out and he deserves a happy ending. These books each stand alone.

    Jul 28, Sophia rated it really liked it Shelves: And here we arrive at book three and I eagerly snatched it up so I could dive in to the world of a secret werewolf pack of alphas working as Dallas' SWAT team. Raw action scenes, sensual romantic build up as each wolf finds The One, and of course the suspense and drama that makes up a good story. This time, Becker and the other wolves of SWAT get a surprise when a new pack hits town and they're not playing for the good guys' team which causes a bit of consternation for Becker because a lovely sh And here we arrive at book three and I eagerly snatched it up so I could dive in to the world of a secret werewolf pack of alphas working as Dallas' SWAT team.

    This time, Becker and the other wolves of SWAT get a surprise when a new pack hits town and they're not playing for the good guys' team which causes a bit of consternation for Becker because a lovely she-wolf from that pack has him all knotted up inside. This is book three of the series as I said and I suppose in a pinch, it can be read out of order.

    But I would recommend it in order as the explanations about the SWAT team, the werewolf world and hints at past stories build to this one. Becker and the guys are sent out on yet the latest of a series of daring heists, but this time he gets two surprises.