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This is an excellent volume. Roosevelt's autobiography is quite interesting, particularly how he describes his time out West as well as with the Rough Riders.

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It's also quite valuable because he gives an estimate of his own actions in office and defends them according to his principles. He does go into quite a bit of detail on several situations so it can be a bit dry reading at times. Included in this volume is "The Strenuous Life" a speech T. Absolutely fantastic and quite This is an excellent volume. Absolutely fantastic and quite timely for the generations alive today, especially young people out to make their mark on the world. Apr 23, Stephen Byron rated it it was amazing.

One of my favorite people, not because he was President, we had many of them ; but because what he did with the office he held. In this book it explains his feelings on all types of issues and lets us see for ourselves how he was before his time. In this book it is also written how he respected nature and it is a great read so enjoy Dec 27, Jeremy rated it really liked it. More of a memoir than an autobiography.

While Roosevelt was a genius and a work horse it seems he couldn't get past the self aggrandizing in his writing. The book is quite inspiring and well worth the read. I'm about halfway through this amazing book. So far it is an amazing tale. I can't wait until I can sit down and finish it. This should be required reading for college students studying American history or politics.

This autobiography is a mini-tome. Reading it from the perspective of a foreigner means I comment disinterestedly on the work of one of the US Presidents who was immortalised in Mount Rushmore. I have read Roosevelt's The Strenuous Life , and while I enjoyed reading it, I was surprised by the rather cumbersome writing style of a man who allegedly read tens of thousands of books. Maybe speed-reading for which Roosevelt was apparently famous doesn't help with writing? There was so much of the man This autobiography is a mini-tome.

Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography by Theodore Roosevelt - Free Ebook

There was so much of the man, speaking plainly and as one might expect a politician to write one's memoirs, but I felt the endless ebb and flow of agreement and disagreement, while the numerous letters included as annexes to the chapters read something like following President Trump's Twitter feed.

Justifications and defences and sharing text of his earlier and others' letters - all the things one might expect a president to do. While reading this book, I completed a humanitarian training course that enabled me to use some of my long underutilised military skills. During the course, I found myself using these skills but with the opposite purpose.

Indeed, if I did the exact opposite of my military training, it would invariably be the right decision in the humanitarian sphere. This had me thinking about Aristotle's "golden mean" of virtue, at the precise time I was reading about Theodore Roosevelt's idea of courage. Roosevelt, for example, stayed away from bars and other trouble spots, preferring to respond decisively to unexpected challenges to one's safety or dignity only as a last resort, rather than go looking for trouble.

He wore glasses, and as a "cowboy", he had to work doubly hard to earn the respect of the men he worked with. All of this follows closely the idea of the golden mean. Brave, but not cowardly or reckless. Roosevelt was awarded the Medal of Honor for his efforts in leading "Roosevelt's Rough Riders" during the Spanish American War; dealing with the police corruption, corporate and political corruption, not to mention the Philippines, the Panama Canal, Russia and Japan and so on.

Yet Roosevelt appears to have ever been in the right place at the right time, especially in being awarded the Medal of Honor he was only four months away at war ; to become President he became President in the first instance after William McKinley was assassinated ; and to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Yet his achievements were remarkable.

I did not know the extent he had played in bringing about modern corporations and competition laws. The Sherman Antitrust Act came into being in but by Roosevelt's time it was hardly having the desired impact. All sorts of modern checks and balances we now take for granted in liberal democracies were simply not happening. It would seem that Roosevelt's leadership in creating a governance culture made liberal democracy, in the American sense, to function at least somewhat fairly.

The United States had been a wealthy, functioning democracy for at least four decades from the time of the Civil War until Roosevelt's presidency. Yet we assume much poorer, less well governed, less educated countries can become functioning democracies in the space of a few years when the oldest liberal democracy in the early s suffered from all of the corruption we see in poorer nations today. Yet Roosevelt had the idealism of the times, a form of neo-conservatism tempered by a strong sense of moral purpose. He was tough with the corporations and the unions, but equally interested in prosperous businesses looking after workers - a form of "fair trade" that was unique for the times.

I also found the references to Australia interesting, around the time of the "Great White Fleet" and its circumnavigation of the globe, visiting numerous ports throughout the world including Sydney over a sixteen month period. I didn't have the "Team America" theme song playing in my head while I read this, but rather the thoughts and actions of a sober, intelligent man influencing my own thoughts and actions as I discovered, in the practical sense, the idea of the golden mean of virtue. My trepidation with reading Roosevelt is that many modern fans of his work talk up his manliness and courage.

But having read the man's memoirs, I discovered a sensitive man which appears obvious in his letters - I think Woodrow Wilson cut him a little too deeply who was far from fake and far from superhuman, yet strong and of moral righteousness all the same. The book ends along with the end of his presidency, almost as if he was hoping to write more after he was re-elected.

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Roosevelt was encouraged to stay on after his second term, as he had not been elected to the first term, nor had served two full terms, but he refused on principle. And so the book ends with a few letters. No uplifting moral lesson, no standing ovation. And that was how he lived. If I am to take the Stoic's view, he lived a good life. Not the Disney-fied life we have come to expect from the popular media, but a real man doing real things for good. How times have changed.

Jun 17, Royce Ratterman rated it it was amazing. A captivating autobiography of the youngest President in USA's history. He certainly led a full life and one directed at fighting corruption, crime, ignorance, etc. The conservation legacy of Theodore Roosevelt is found in the million acres of public lands he helped establish during his presidency.

Much of that land - millions acres - was set aside as national forests. The idea was to conserve forests for continued use. An adamant proponent of utilizing the country's resources, Roosevelt wanted to insure the sustainability of those resources. Also a pioneer for human rights despite heavy opposition from the rival political party and media: Much can be done by law towards putting women on a footing of complete and entire equal rights with man--including the right to vote Read for personal research.

Overall, a good book for the researcher and enthusiast. Theodore Roosevelt paints himself in the most accurate way he can in this book. He lays out all of his opinions and his beliefs and even mentions some of his flaws and biggest regrets and turns it into quite possibly the best autobiography I have ever read.

Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography

Being a polisci major in college I have always found it interesting studying why politicians do the things they do or why people follow movements. What drives people is fascinating and in this autobiography Teddy takes you into his mind and y Theodore Roosevelt paints himself in the most accurate way he can in this book. What drives people is fascinating and in this autobiography Teddy takes you into his mind and you can understand his exact emotions as you read along with him, you can feel his pain as he witnessed death during war, you can feel his pride being elected to represent the United States and you can feel his love for his country.

This book is what an autobiography should be. He is completely honest on every page and he isn't afraid to expose himself to criticism. His book describes his character from his life. So, for any fan of Theodore Roosevelt or for any history buff this book is a must read. Apr 25, Amy rated it it was ok Shelves: It pains me to only give 2 stars to a book written by my favorite president, but "it was okay" is an honest and accurate assessment. I skimmed over most of these chunks. It got too tedious after a while.

Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography by Theodore Roosevelt

The segments where Roosevelt is talking about nature and books were a complete tone shift, and I actually would love to read more of this sort of thing It pains me to only give 2 stars to a book written by my favorite president, but "it was okay" is an honest and accurate assessment. It was remarkable to go from the snooze-fest of government to Roosevelt describing birds and telling entertaining stories instead. Much more fun to read. I think people who are interested in political minutae would enjoy this quite a bit.

Roosevelt is fairly boasty in parts as well, which is to be expected, obviously. I found it quite amusing.

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  5. Sep 27, Rupak Banerjee rated it really liked it Shelves: I listened to the audiobook from https: But now I do want to go back and read it from a book, take notes, highlight stuff. It has too many great quotes to miss out on. Loved listening to it. The book starts off with Roosevelt's early life experiences and references the American Civil War. I had never before read a book that talks about those experiences directly and of horse-drawn carriages.

    So it was an eye-opener right away. It goes through his An amazing book. It goes through his life experiences and all the positions he held public service and private. A must-read for those who consider themselves progressive. Also, a must-read for Republicans to get an idea of what the party stood for at the turn of last century. Basic background rights that we have forgotten about, were framed during his time.

    Recommended for everyone who enjoys reading. I wasn't sure I would ever finish this. Teddy really needed a editor. One hundred word sentences tend to be hard to follow. Despite the wordy style the content was quite interesting, although, except for some childhood memories, it was devoid of family remembrances. He gave great descriptions of cattle drives in North Dakota, but said nothing about the family tragedies that drove him out there.

    Theodore Roosevelt: An Autobiography (Audio Book) by Theodore Roosevelt

    His military and political careers are covered in great detail and, considering today's political mess I wasn't sure I would ever finish this. His military and political careers are covered in great detail and, considering today's political mess, you can appreciate his integrity, honesty and tenacity in getting laws passed that, for the most part, helped the working man and woman, and kept big business from destroying the environment.

    I think you probably need to be a real fan of his to patiently wade through this book, but you will certainly learn a lot about a very special man. Aug 12, Andrew rated it really liked it. I have highlighted and saved more sections in this book than any previously. Theodore Roosevelt held high ideals, and he writes very persuasively about them. His ideals - about honest, fairness, justice, America's place as a great power, military might, globalism, environmentalism - are timely with our modern struggles and problems.

    Just as the industrial revolution and the technological advances of the beginning of the 20th century upended all aspects of society, such disarray can be found in t I have highlighted and saved more sections in this book than any previously. Just as the industrial revolution and the technological advances of the beginning of the 20th century upended all aspects of society, such disarray can be found in the disruption modern technology has had now.

    Roosevelt balanced extremes and sought to do right by all, his so called "square deal", and that is a platform desperately needed in our polarized times. Surprising view of a president I was surprised that Roosevelt had accomplished so much. I did no know that he originally became president as vice president replacing a resident's dealth.

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    He was very active. Very well read, multilingual, physically active, he even was a. He was very much a conservationist. In fact, he has been raised,in my opinion. As on of the best presidents and a real patriot. I have one warning, in writing his autobiograhy, he is at times wordy. But it was Surprising view of a president I was surprised that Roosevelt had accomplished so much. But it was nevertheless very rewarding to read. Aug 13, Elizabeth rated it really liked it. I realized while reading this that I don't read many formal autobiographies.

    I read this for a discussion group, and I really enjoyed it. I think it will make for good discussions. This is a great primary document and would be very informative to anyone interested in American history, government, or philosophy. There are a few descriptive chapters that are little over-detailed for my opinion, but when he makes a point about his ideas, he is very clear. Retrieved from " https: United States political book stubs Works by Theodore Roosevelt books American autobiographies Political autobiographies.

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