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Everything God does is justifiable on account of who He is. Man's sins were imputed on to the back of Christ. Christ had to be throughly DEAD for a three day period. You weren't really dead unless you were dead for three whole days, and your body underwent the degeneration process. Christ rose on the third day, and that is the only reason that man has any hope of life. The ultimate destiny of mankind is to be united to the God Head, but it's going to take time for God to implement His plans. He does it through "ages.

I'm glad for you and for anyone who has found a religious belief or philosophy to comfort them; rest assured that I find comforting aspects to pretty much every belief system and philosophy without espousing any particular one of them. They all well, most of them intend good. Thank you So much Suzanne Degges White. The things you've Described here is Completely True.

I've gone through this. Your this Artical will save many people like me from going to bad road with motivation. Most parents experience a wide range of distressing emotions. MeanScreens can steal your time, your money, and, potentially, your future. Here are 9 questions to ask yourself if you're concerned about your child. Back Find a Therapist. What Causes Stress Eating?

Parenting Adolescents and the Choice-Consequence Connection. Has Gender Always Been Binary? Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. Connect with me on LinkedIn. Not Everything Happens for a Reason There's not always a rhyme or reason behind life events. It seems we are hard-wired to perceive Randomness, or Chaos, as frighteningly anti-survival.

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Kate Bowler lost thirty pounds without trying and was wracked by stomach pain nearly daily while going about her life as a professor at her beloved alma mater with an adoring husband and very young toddler son. She saw doctor after doctor, each dismissing her concerns, until she finally refused to leave a doctor's office until he actually TRIED something. Dismissive and hostile, he wrote orders for a CT scan while assuring her all her symptoms were psychosomatic.

Then the results from the CT Scan came back and Ms. Bowler discovered she had stage four colon cancer and not much time left to live. This book isn't so much a calm meditation on grief as it is a reflection of the way we swing wildly back and forth from rage to calm to fear to grief and back again. She is living in the ever-present of stage four cancer - now must be enough because no tomorrow can be promised to her.

While currently somewhat stabilized, she has written a book that is an absolute gift to us all. It is not a pat or trite reflection on sorrows that promises a better tomorrow - it's someone willing to sit with you in the dark, because she is there too. That Kate wrote this book is a gift not just to her family, giving them an inner vision of a very self-possessed woman's thoughts as she stares into, as she calls it, "an unbearable future" - it's a gift to all of us who have lived through grief. Whether the diagnosis was our own or for a family member - whether we mourned a loss that's already occurred or we're facing one we cannot bear to survive - this book will not tell you "everything will be okay".

Instead, it will tell you, "you know, it might NOT be okay, but we'll keep living anyway and I will stand there with you. Sometimes, healing is not in the cards. Kate is there to walk with us through making sense of the world when everything is utterly senseless - on parenting when you're not sure how much longer you'll get to BE a parent - on loving someone who is going to lose you so much that you find yourself telling everyone to be sure he remarries, if it will make him happy.

I read it in one sitting. I will be buying another copy to gift to my mother, but I can't give her mine - it's tear-stained all to hell and I will read it again. When my father died, I sought out books on mourning, grief, and death. I wish this book had existed then - it reflects how I felt so much better than anything else ever did. There is something tremendously powerful and refreshing about Kate Bowler's writing. She doesn't pretend that life is anything but complicated and messy, and she tells her story in a way that helps all of us see ourselves in it.

The book is profound in its wisdom but also relatable and hilarious I found myself often laughing and crying on the same page. As a working mom with young kids, I am especially grateful for Kate's honesty about parenthood and the deep hopes and fears that parents hold for their families and their futures, even as she navigated the absolutely unthinkable in her own life. And as a person of faith, I am so thankful that she is willing to ask hard questions and not be satisfied with easy answers.

Such a needed message in a time when polarity and surety seem to be such easy and prevalent options. Definitely worth it to read and share! By some stroke of beautiful luck I was introduced to Kate and this book.

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This book stopped me in my fast tracks, prompted a much needed reflective pause and an urgent priority reset. You'll laugh, cry and fall in love with the author and her endearing family. You'll learn about living and loving life and others better through the best and worst of times. It breaks down what to and not to say and do to support loved ones going through terrible times. It's real talk but fills you with beauty, gratitude and grace. This book is an absolute gem. Bowler's book, is honest and raw.

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It is even better than watching an episode of This is Us: As a Christian who lost a friend at age 20, I struggled with the questions, "Why do bad things happen to good people? She lands at the conclusion that life is beautiful, life is hard. This book is for those who have been told that their suffering is because of some cosmic conspiracy or because you didn't eat enough kale. Kate makes you feel less alone, and sometimes that is enough. Kate's voice is the perfect pairing of wisdom and wit.

In a world where people feel like their need to respond overrides the need to be PRESENT, we find out how to truly be there for those going through the hardest of times. I only wish this book had come out years ago.

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This is the perfect mix of laugh out loud memoir, sit-quiet-and-reflect chapters, and how-to lists of how we can be more sensitive to people who are hurting. I underlined the text so much that it probably would have been better just to highlight the whole thing!! I recommend this book is for anyone who wants to love people well. I feel like I have so many more go-to responses and ways to support a friend in need. See all reviews. See all customer images.

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