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We designed custom carving patterns. You can click on the pictures to get a closer look at these intricate art pieces. The checkering on most guns today is very poor in comparison to what it used to be.

Custom Gunstock Carving

Sample of photo on glass. Custom carved gunstock with elk 2.

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Hand engraved gun stock with deer Custom carved shotgun with grouse 1. Custom carved rifle with wild boar 1. Custom engraved rifle stock with bighorn 1. Custom engraved rifle stock with bighorn and oak leafs 1. Custom engraved rifle stock with moose 1. Sample of steel engraving 1.

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Sample of Mauser steel engraving. Sample of Knife Carving. Sample of Pistol Carving. Gun Stock engraving with grizzly and oak leafs sako 1. Custom gunstock engraving with grizzly 3. Custom gunstock engraving with grizzly 1. You can click on the pictures to get a closer look at these intricate patterns. The checkering on most guns today is very poor in comparison to what it used to be.

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  • Custom carved gunstock with elk #2!

Checkering today is done by machine, whereas it used to be carved by hand; the results are just not as good. Look at some of your guns closely and you will probably feel the same way.

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  5. This dramatically improves the look of the gun, but it also feels good and improves your grip while shooting. Nothing makes a statement quite like a Custom Carved Attache Case. These wooden briefcase are made from the finest materials and are of the highest quality.

    Sample of steel engraving# 3

    Design your own carving or let Joe put a design together for you. This makes the ultimate business gift. We love custom projects and would be happy to help you with advice, training classes, DVD Instruction or complete a project for you. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their carving skills. Joe is an excellent teacher and his personal work will inspire you to be better.

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    Chad Ruseler Post Falls, Idaho. Custom wood carvings can add beauty to your long gun, making it a truly one of a kind piece and family heirloom. A man whose father bred English Bulldogs wanted to immortalize the fact on the walnut grip of his. These scrolls, hand-cut with X-acto knives, were for an Air Force captain just returned from the Middle East.

    This fish scaling helped dress up a Remington BDL stock that I rescued, carved and refinished with six coats of rubbed oil. This bugling bull elk graces the right side of a Remington BDL stock that I rescued, carved and refinished. This customer wanted both fish scale checkering and overlying oak leaves and acorns on his Mauser stock. This customer wanted to dress up his special air gun stock with a squirrel scene on one side and a scene of his Golden Retriever barking at a squirrel on the other side. This customer needed me to finished his percussion pistol kit -- specifically the handle, which came to me looking like this.

    Wood Carving by Master Wood Carver Joe Cummings

    This is how the finished grip went on the pistol. It looks as though it grew there. I carved these frolicking squirrels on a Remington stock for my grandson to remember me by. I can make grips from scratch. I made these for a customer's pair of Colt This set of Rosewood Grips for a Ruger Vaquero feature stylized initials on an island surrounded by European fish scale checkering.

    This carving of Jesus on basswood with a scripture quote went to a dear friend. I made these Officer's Model Grips from Mesquite from scratch. I charge extra for special features such as thumb rests and my regular charges for carving and checkering. You can supply the material.

    This carving celebrates the owner's recently departed friend and mentor whose favorite things were Colt 's, Colt Single Actions and Rambo Bowie Knives.