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This book is also notable for its Paris setting with many recognizable locales in the illustrations. In this story, he has a new little sister, but the focus is on how much his parents love him. In this adventure, Caillou has fun with his imaginary friend.

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Les amis and Caillou dort chez son ami Caillou spends the night with a friend. A proud, gluttonous tomcat refuses to share the delicious food he finds for himself—until he meets a certain lady cat. They end up sharing walks, all their meals, the crate where they sleep—and soon have to share all their finds with their five little kittens!

On a snowy day, a hungry little rabbit finds two carrots, one to eat and one to share; the shared carrot is given from friend to friend until it returns at last to the home of the rabbit. Can be purchased with a recording of the story on CD. Le premier vol by Isabelle Gibert: Still to come in this series: Join us on this romp through the French family tree!

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La mer (L'imagerie des tout-petits) (French Edition)

To see a more detailed description of a few of the books from this list, plus pictures of some of their pages, please visit this post from my blog about a French storytime I co-led on this topic: Hello, Wonderful and helpful list. But equally as important information is where these books can be found in the U. If you have any resources, will you please let me know?

Shipping is a bit pricey, but if you order several at once, it is worth it, and shipping is less from Canada. I believe they have a lending library that includes kids books. Thanks for your comment and question! I wish I had an easy answer for you. Many of the books on my list are available from this company. Gai, plein d'entrain, donne l'exemple de la plus magnifique audace. Chevalier du 15 juin Brillant pilote de chasse.

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A abattu quatre avions ennemis. Une blessure, 6 citations.

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A soutenu plusieurs combats. Mort pour la France au cours de cette mission. Le 6 avril , a abattu en flammes un Drachen ennemi. Pilote de chasse ardent, tenace, volontaire pour toutes les missions, a abattu un avion ennemi dans nos lignes, le 15 novembre , un Drachen en flammes, le 6 avril et un avion ennemi, le 11 avril A disparu au cours de cette mission. Je vous assure toute ma satisfaction.

Je garderai toujours un bon souvenir de vous. Je quitterai la France le 29 Novembre.

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Jean-Michel Lasayques pour ses photos de la tombe du Comte Benjamin Tascher, pilote de l'escadrille Ronan Furic pour l'envoi des photos de sa collection. Ludovic Spy pour l'envoi des photos du caveau de la famille de Rochefort.

Las cifras/ Numbers (Mini Diccionario Por Imagenes/ Mini Picture Dictionary) (Spanish Edition)

Philippe Germain pour ses photos de la tombe du Ltt Roland Garros. Annie Malfoy pour ses photos de la tombe du Sgt Jean Montmain. Marc Baert pour l'envoi des photos de la tombe du Slt Georges Momet. Jean-Pierre Mehl pour l'envoi des photos d'insignes de sa collection.