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This is one of the most beautiful canyons in Peloponnese, Greece. The passage was believed to be one of the portals to Hades, the Ancient Greek underworld. It is located in Elis region, in Kyparissia. The famous waterfall is near the village of Platania. If you go to that area do allow more days for a day trip in the Nemouta waterfalls area. Ancient Olympia is near enough.

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There are many organized tours for crossing the canyon. The name comes from an Arcadian Nymph who was one of the nymphs that nursed Zeus. If you are in South Peloponnese then you are definitely having a good time there.

Visit to the Gates of Hades

Since you are there you can visit Cape Tainaron sometimes you can find the same under the name: Ancient geographer Pausanias considered as the first historian travel blogger for many says that Cape Tainaron was the place where Hercules brought up Cerberus from Hades. The actual location is a remote one and can be part of your overall area touring. It takes around 20 minutes of hiking from the car parking spot, to be in the very southern endpoint of Greece yes it is but the feeling is that of grandeur.

Gates of Hades

The lighthouse at Cape Tainaron endpoint. At the actual Cape Tainaron end point you will find… a lighthouse. At the same place of Tainaron exists the cave of Hades. Allegedly this was the entrance point for Orpheus who went into Hades realm to ask for the resurrection of Eurydice. Near the parking place there is small yet largely ruined temple of Poseidon which was worshiped there. You will see the signs. That temple is said to be the entrance to Hades. The overall area is that of Laconia and Mani , which is one of the most beautiful areas in Southern Peloponnese.

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There is a 2nd location in Mani that is labeled to be an entrance to Hades. The cave of Alepotrypa means Fox Hole. May we be saved from serving the Lord faithfully and laboring for Him diligently yet in the wrong direction! May we be saved from our concepts, past knowledge, and small understanding of the Body, the bride, and the kingdom, and may we be brought into oneness with the Lord to have the same direction as He has in His move. May we not let our little knowledge deceive us, preoccupy us, and rob us of what the Lord is moving toward today.

The direction of the Triune God in the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is to build up the Body of Christ, prepare a bride for Christ, and bring in the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is not something external: We today as the church are the development and enlargement of the kingdom.

Caesarea Philippi, the Gates of Hades

We must allow the Lord to spread in us to be His kingdom in reality. To be in the kingdom of God in reality we need to exercise the kingdom life for the building up of the church. To exercise is to put into action, use, operation, and effect. The kingdom of God, the realm of the divine life, has been sown into us and it is now growing and developing in us, and it requires our exercise.

When people hear the gospel and believe into the Lord, they enter into the kingdom of God; we repent for the kingdom , and the church is built up in the kingdom of God. To you I will give the keys of the kingdom of the heavens… Matt. To bring in the kingdom of God is to have a built up church, and the building up of the church is the bringing in of the kingdom. Christ, the Son of the living God, builds His church on Himself as the rock, with stones such as Peter, transformed persons. Christ is the rock on which the church is built, and this rock is also the revelation concerning Christ.

The church is built on nothing and no one else except Christ, the Son of the living God, and on the revelation of this wonderful One. We need to see who Christ is and enjoy Him for the building up of the church. As the Lord is building His church, the gates of Hades are attacking the church; Satan with all his forces are attacking the church, but we in the church have the keys of the kingdom to close these gates and release the kingdom of God on earth.

The gates of Hades may be coming and be expressed, but our Christ is the resurrected One who overcame death! In order to build up the church, the Lord passed through death and enter into resurrection Matt. The gates of Hades which attack the church will NOT prevail because our Christ has been crucified and resurrected, and He overcame death! However powerful death and darkness are, they shall not overcome the Christ who was crucified and resurrected! The church exists and is built up only in the realm of resurrection through crucifixion; this is the way to build up the church.

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What are the Gates of Hades and how can we use the Keys of the Kingdom to Close them

I had heard of Gate of Hades, so I looked up the reviews online for it, and what I saw seriously creeped me out big time. People were saying that it was the most frightening thing they've ever experienced, e. Being the dumbass I am, I shrugged it off and was like 'people just trying to scare others' I'm going to break everything down for you by the minutes I went to bed early.

At this point I didn't really give a shit if I experienced hallucinations or distortions of reality because a lot of stuff went wrong that day. My ipod is on max volume, so I can hear every artifact and niche in the track. I think I begin seeing the color blue.. I had high expectations. It might just be the cold in the room, but I have socks on I roll up my blankets and the cold kind of goes away. I can't fucking explain it, it was so fucking heavy- I just felt as if something had gone wrong.

I start remembering a bunch of stupid shit, like scary videos I watched like amonth ago, stuff I had forgotten already.

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I try to think about happier stuff but no dice. I think at this point I started having really hateful feelings toward a lot of things, my mom for one. My room seems really empty The increase is slow and the pitch is too, but with every jump its like your heart stops. I cant explain it, it was like the feeling when you get punched in the chest, but a LOT less powerful.

You know the feeling like when your heart drops when you hear really bad news, it was kind of like that 13 minutes, 27 sec - the increase of pitch and pulsing reaches the peak, and it stays there.

It's still pulsing and the pitch is at a constant. I'm completely scared at this moment and i reach to turn on the light above my bed, I flick the switch and I don't notice if the light turns on or not. This is when I realize- holy shit. I fucking looked around my room. This is the hardest part to explain. Everything was black and gray. It wasn't the color of it, just the tonality and the fucking feel of it, everything looked EVIL.

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It probably sounds funny, but my computer made me cry from fright. Seriously this was fucking scary. There wasn't any shadows or like creepy music or anything, my room looked the same but everything seemed bad. I don't know how far the track was at this point and I thought it was closing out I'm pretty calmed down right now. Still no good, so I throw my blankets off. The quiet humming just DROPS theres no other word for it, it's like it simply fell, not just stopped.

The audio crackles and crumbles. I began feeling sick, but I fucking swear to god, I couldn't turn it off.