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When looking under a microscope at pure frozen water, he discovered it forms beautiful ice crystals. These experiments proved that energy generated by positive or negative words can actually change the physical structure of an object. Water holds the knowledge and experience it acquires. It carries its history and secrets, just as we carry ours. Water is a mirror that has the ability to show us what we cannot see. It acts as a blueprint for our reality, which can change with thought. Based on these findings, we begin to realize the impact of our self-talk energy and habits.

Can you imagine the benefits positive affirmations and self-talk have on our bodies? You are commenting using your WordPress. What this means is that rather than considering something a living organism or a mineral, something we can touch or something we can see, everything is vibrating, and vibrating at a unique and individual frequency. The second word that is helpful in understanding hado is resonance.

Resonance comes in play when there is a sender of hado information and a receiver of the information. Say you make a call to someone you want to talk to. Unless that person picks up the receiver, there will be no conversation. Without a receiver, information cannot be sent.

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This also refers to a relationship between a sender and a receiver. When there are vibrations matching, resonance occurs. We can observe the phenomenon of resonance in various aspects of daily life. For example, if you have feelings of hatred toward someone, there is a good chance that this person feels the same about you. What we feel in our hearts has a strange way of being relayed to other people.

The third word helpful for understanding hado is similarity. The macro world we know is a symbol, an expansion of the micro world. The nine rotating planets in our solar system are the macro version of the electrons circulating around the atomic nucleus, and what is going on within the human body is a miniaturization of what is going on in the grandeur of nature. From about page 50 of the book, Emoto expands about healing with hado. And he has collected amazing examples from all over the world, and from different researchers, to prove his point.

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He envisions what he calls hado medicine becoming one day the medicine of the future. All symptoms of illnesses vibrate at a unique frequency. This is something that has been done by the Russian-French researcher Georges Lakhovsky who, as early as in the s, proved able to healing plant cancer simply by exposing cancer-afflicted plants to vibrations that were exactly opposite to the frequency of the malignant cells. Based upon these experiments, Lakhovsky elaborated a cancer etiology and healing procedures for both plant cancer and cancer in animals and humans.

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For Emoto, the body is something like a complex sound machine and it really vibrates, emits frequencies and can be seen as a musical composition. All organs produce sounds, and all the sounds are in harmony with each other in the healthy organism. Now what happens when we are sick?

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  • When something goes wrong somewhere in the body, there is discord with one of the sounds. And when even one sound is out of pitch, the entire composition is not as it should be. He claims that all water has a memory that manifests through the fact once an affirmation has been emitted, and water has been impregnated with such positive or negative intent, this impression lasts.

    It will not just vanish after a day or a month. But how can we imagine this in practice, and what are the details of this science? How long will the impression last in the individual case, and how to detect it? All matter has its own hado, and water relays this information.

    The molecules of water carry messages like the magnet of a computer disk. Hado can be either beneficial for life or harmful for life.

    Secret Life of Water

    But even if the vibration is good for life, if water—the mediator—is impure, the hado will not be relayed correctly. While he appears to have given contradicting information to the press in this regard, in the present book he writes, quite honestly:. I admit that the selection process is not strictly in accordance with the scientific method, but simply put, we choose the crystal that best represents the entire sample instead of simply one from the most common category.

    The fact is namely that there is never a total uniformity in the water crystals that are formed after the water was impressed and impregnated with intent.

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    There is always a mix. Now, when there is a mix, which crystals are going to be photographed and shown in a publication? To argue from the detractor position: