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3 Things NOT to do in Taiwan

This is more or less universal in Taiwan and your host will most likely provide you with slippers. Tipping is not part of the culture in Taiwan.

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You may be expected to do so in big international hotels but not elsewhere. This is a matter of potential savings.

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Receipts in Taiwan are a part of the Taiwan Receipt Lottery, which means you can win a considerable amount of money just from doing you regular shopping. With millions NT on the line as potential winnings it is thought that customers will demand receipts with every purchase, which would in turn put pressure on the merchants. They are all considered bad omens.

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A simple yes is sufficient, no matter the reality. The exchange of gifts is very popular in a business context just like everywhere in Asia.

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It is very important to excessively compliment the food when one is invited, and try to serve yourself at least a little bit of everything. This slightly unusual action is a miniaturized imitation of bowing three times when thanking a superior.

3 Things NOT to do in Taiwan | Move to Taiwan

If you want to make a toast, hold up your glass with both hands and invite the other person to drink, who then must also hold up his or her glass with both hands. Both people should drink in the same time, while looking each other directly in the eyes. The Taiwanese people feel obliged to get their guests in a state of intoxication, so things can get a bit competitive while drinking.