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La poule à Colin

DVD Nov 02, "Please retry". Read more about DVD formats. Christal Films Release Date: The two made a formidable pair, but would not have been able to successfully see the expedition through on their own. The French had long believed that the Missouri River might be a possible route to the western ocean.

L'abominable Histoire De La Poule (French, Paperback)

Had the Europeans arrived from the west, the upper Mississippi would have been considered a tributary of the Missouri, and not vice versa. The Missouri flowed through what had been, since the Treaty of Fontainbleau, Spanish territory. In other words, the Americans required permission to explore it. In fact the area sold by Napoleon was much bigger than that, so big that it doubled the existing land area of the United States.

Jefferson quickly realized just how important this purchase was, although he still had little idea what it would be used for. He imagined that the explorers signing up for the expedition would be travelling into prehistory, and might even encounter woolly mammoths. He asked Lewis and Clark to find the northernmost point of the Mississippi River Basin, reasoning that it might be different from the actual source of the river.

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The Louisiana Purchase was finalized in the summer of Lewis, who was in Pittsburgh at the time awaiting the completion of his custom-built boat, was held up. In residents of Saint Louis looked on as the Spanish flag was replaced by the French tricolour.

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At the request of the townsfolk, most of whom were French, the French flag was allowed to fly until the next day, to be replaced by the Stars and Stripes. In 48 hours, the final chapter in the drawn-out diplomatic manoeuvring between France, Spain and the United States came to a close.

La Petite Poule Rousse - dessin animé en français avec Les P'tits z'Amis

As a result of the transfer, Lewis and Clark would be traveling in American territory, at least as far as the source of the Missouri. For the Americans, these parts were truly terra incognita. The surprises began upon their arrival in Saint Louis. Jefferson had instructed Lewis to encourage any white settlers encountered west of the Mississippi to return to the east.

However, not only were there white settlers at the mouth of the Missouri, but most of them spoke French.

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Lewis and Clark spent the winter of —04 preparing for their adventure. They studied other maps complementing the Arrowsmith map that Jefferson had provided. Three boats were to be used: The other pirogue, manned by soldiers, was under the command of Corporal Richard Warfington. Born of Omaha mothers, Cruzatte and Labiche were both intimately acquainted with the dangers of navigation on the Missouri.

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While Lewis carried a large air rifle to impress the Indians, Cruzatte and his fiddle probably had more impact. The expedition had scarcely left Saint Louis when Lewis and Clark found themselves struggling with French names. Their instructions were to record everything. On May 21, , the expedition team set off for real to the cheers of curious onlookers lining the banks.

They would not return until September 21, , all safe and sound, save for one officer who had fallen victim to illness. He observed that the settlers had little interest in farming and were under the dominion of a Catholic priest.