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Leger, 2 by Susan Carroll Goodreads Author 3. Moore Goodreads Author 3. Did the mark give him authority?

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What kind of strength did this one man have that he could effectively oversee the sheer number of people moving about? Was he on the side of good or evil? Gawain gawked at the strange images and symbols flashing and changing. He swiped at the sweat beading on his forehead, a product of the magic as well as what it revealed.

Any knight or warrior who denied such a thing was the worst kind of liar. Gawain had long ago vowed to remain honest in all things. He returned his focus to the images beyond the pool. His clothes and sword would be vastly different. Entering this world would require a bit of glamour magic until he could find suitable garments. But first he needed to identify his target.

A tall woman with deep auburn hair lingered on a corner, ignoring a tower of baffling images changing in flashes over her head. Gawain, out of practice, got distracted by the images, but the hound stayed on course. This woman was neither Morgana nor one of the followers. He shook his head and concentrated more intensely.

The inexplicable stumped him. How could an innocent be connected to his quest? He supposed none of the circumstances would make sense until he understood where the binding spell had failed.

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Then he saw a face he recognized, though it seemed as impossible as the city he gazed upon. His squire was dressed for the times and strode right up to the woman waiting on the corner. It was a sensation he would not forget, despite his rare use of this powerful magic of moving from one point to another. The transition from the quiet cave to the crowded, noisy streets shocked him. He shivered and the hound leaned against his leg, lending what warmth he could. The silent vision had been pleasant in comparison to this reality. The sounds battered his eardrums and the myriad smells assaulted his senses.

There was nothing familiar to him in this world, nothing beyond people who walked on two legs and the single horseman. No thickets or trees, no grass or soft earth.


The sky was blotted from view by the crowding towers and the only view of the sun came from glaring reflections of light bouncing off of the strange structures. It was difficult to ignore the people in such strange clothing and their contraptions clogged the wider, black path between lines of towers.

If he dwelled on all that was foreign, he would be overwhelmed before he could resume his quest. He would adapt because nothing was more imperative than purging the evil had broken the laws of time.

Release Day for Timeless Light

He felt people watching him. Mouths gaped, women startled, and all eyes went wide as he stalked forward. Belatedly, he recalled that he was not dressed for the current year. Swallowing his discomfort, he applied the strongest glamour he could muster to blend in. As he started once more for the woman and the squire who owed him an explanation, another uniformed horseman with a dark blue uniform approached him.

The horse moved between the strange, loud carriages without showing any sign of distress. Gawain would count courageous horses as one favorable thing in this new place. He let his gaze wander over the excellent animal. It pleased him that animals here were valued and cared for despite the vast changes to the world. Was there no one in charge of this seething mass of humanity? The uniformed sentry and horse moved along, leaving Gawain to his pursuit.

Why am I here? He closed his eyes and breathed deep of the air choked with the scents of too many people and strange machines. There was cause and effect in all things from planting and harvest to battle tactics. Magic was not exempt. This is not what I asked of you. The woman shied away, but the squire caught her hand and pulled her close to his side. Peter whispered something at her ear that caused her to gawk, eyes wide. Gawain cataloged her features quickly.

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Her almond shaped green eyes were as sharp and deep as emeralds and framed with thick lashes and auburn eyebrows that winged in the manner of fey creatures. Had he been awakened because the man had broken his vow and rendered the spell useless? Reincarnation, past life, soul mate are controversial subjects but for me so fascinating.

Timeless by Teresa J. Reasor

I really enjoy both main characters and how they Love is timeless I will remember those words because it is how I saw love. I really enjoy both main characters and how they met each other. Sometimes we can, each of us, ask ourselves if it's fate, destiny or pure hazard randomness which brought us to some moments or people we have encountered or encountering in our lives and marked us. I know I do. But also if past lives, or anterior generations has shaped our present path.

It is part paranormal, part action adventure, part romance. And a setting that is as much a character as all the others in the book. This is a well written book with enough of a story line and action to keep you interested. The it was also easy to following the transition between time lines in the book.

Without spoiling anything I liked the way this book ended! Couldn't put the book down: May 18, Shelley Bishop rated it it was amazing. Great suspense I kept changing what I thought everyone's motives were until the very end.

Loved how it all came together in the end! Couldn't get into this one. For some reason the time travel aspects did not intrigue me. Aubreann Champ rated it really liked it Dec 31, Elisa Taylor rated it really liked it Jul 27, Meg rated it it was ok Jan 18, Sharon rated it it was amazing Apr 20, Cate rated it really liked it Jul 06, Kelly Kluin rated it it was amazing Jul 19, Alanna rated it it was amazing Nov 13,