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Deviant by planetblue reviews He pissed me off and then he turned me on. Bellaria by pattyrose reviews It is said that in the high middle ages, and in the midst of an unspeakable betrayal, a young knight made a timeless vow to his beloved wife, Bellaria: I will find you…as always…for always. Bella is starving for a better life for her and her son, and taking her clothes off in front of a stranger is just the first of many lines she'll cross.

Em meio a prova de bolos, a escolha do vestido perfeito e todos os demais preparativos, Isabella estava a um passo de enlouquecer. M - Portuguese - Romance - Chapters: Overcoming the hatefulness of several people, she works in the firehouse, but can she be the saving grace in a scary emergency situation? The Man in the Elevator by MountainTop76 reviews Bella lives for her morning elevator ride, and the sexy stranger she shares it with, but what will happen one night when she works late?

No one sends Bella into a tailspin quite like Edward Cullen The ups and downs and all arounds. That's all it took. All he had to do was ask. Love in Resistance by sheviking reviews Denmark, A young Danish woman and a British RAF pilot meet under dangerous circumstances when his plane is shot down over enemy territory. Edward called me brave, and that's what I'll be. A May to December Romance by Positively 4th Street reviews My name is Isabella Swan and today, I signed a contract that would put me in the steel tight clutches of a man I didn't know, for four years.

A girl's gotta pay for college somehow, right? Come meet 'Sugar Daddy' Edward. Who Am I Living For? Today, I planned on letting her know she was the one who had captured it. Blackbird by Frida Cullen reviews Bella Swan achou ter conseguido fugir de todos os medos e anseios que a cercavam quando sobreviveu a um ano morando em Londres.

Seria ela forte o suficiente para lidar com seus medos desta vez?

Penniless by ceceprincess reviews What is a courtesan to do when the man of her dreams is penniless? Money can't buy love. The Storm by Edward's Eternal reviews Trapped by a sudden storm, will Edward and Bella discover an unexpected gift this Christmas season? Island Nights by compass54 reviews I would always remember him as a dangerously beautiful twenty-two-year-old, a sensual and affectionate lover who could put a gun to a man's head and pull the trigger.

Why I couldn't forget him was no mystery. I was still in love with him. Will one Christmas Eve be the miracle her broken heart needs to heal? Final Destination by Edward's Eternal reviews Two lost, lonely people travelling to different destinations. One storm that brings them together. Could their meeting alter their final destination? Far Away Flame by Robsmyyummy Cabanaboy reviews Their story plays in her mind like a kaleidoscope of bittersweet moments in time.

Years later, when Bella finally finds the courage to go after what she's always wanted, will it be too late? But when friendship gives way to lust, how much harm can one kiss do? Emotional Warfare by completerandomness12 reviews Geeky Edward Cullen is dumped by his high school sweetheart To avoid looking pathetic at his parents' New Years celebration, he enlists the help of his beautiful, and mysterious friend Bella to pose as his girlfriend.

Charlie's Daughter by completerandomness12 reviews Charlie Swan is an international conman on the run from the FBI for the past 15 years. He gets close to hotshot lawyer Bella Swan, Charlie's daughter and the last person to see Charlie face-to-face in the US in hopes of find his target. What would you do if he already had a girlfriend? The Cullen Legacy by pattyrose reviews Legacy - A gift; sometimes unknowingly bestowed. Bella met Edward in a London pub, never imagining where each would be 7 years later: But Bella might soon find that revenge isn't all it's cracked up to be, and that Edward may harbor his own dark secrets.

The Living Will by 2carm2carm2 reviews "In the event of my death, Isabella Marie Swan, upon previous agreement, is to step in and assist Edward Anthony Cullen in the caring of the child, necessitating her to stay at the Cullen residence in which the child lives for six months. Show, Don't Tell by Nolebucgrl reviews Phone sex operator Isabella Swan's, typical night takes a turn with her last phone call of the evening. Her sexy caller gives her more than she anticipated. What happens when real life collides with fantasy?

Contest entry for the Control, Possess, Seduce Contest. Here's To Now by iambeagle reviews "When everything goes wrong, that's when adventure starts. Begin Again by pattyrose reviews Bella's life philosophies mirror her bakery-business philosophies: It's the same when life gets real: She doesn't need anything more, but sometimes she sure wants it, and when Edward shows up he'll either upset the balance or make everything sweeter. A badly fitted skirt, a cocky passenger and some unwanted help make this a bus ride, and a day she never expected. She immediately befriends neighbors Jasper and Edward, bonding with them in the treehouse out back.

Bella and Edward discover they have more in common than they ever dreamed of. Will his new massage therapist Bella Swan run away like all the rest, or can she tame this savage beast? O ato, que era apenas algo corriqueiro, se tornou muito mais, quando ele conheceu a exuberante e misteriosa jovem Isabella Swan She's looking to take the easy road and instead finds a nearly impossible one she must travel on the path to finding herself, along with everything she never knew she wanted.

This is the struggle of a broken little girl growing into the woman she's destined to be. Muito mais que poderia imaginar! But could a handful of fateful invitations turn everything she thinks she knows inside out? After Hours by Edward's Eternal reviews A late, anxious patient. What happens when comfort becomes something else?

You've read the entry, now see the beginning Bella's husband is off to a secret mission to serve his country. Pregnant and heartbroken Bella finds herself in a dream like no other.

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Mise En Place by jayhawkbb reviews Everything belongs in its place, both in the kitchen and out of it. Can Bella protect herself from someone who challenges that notion?

Entry for the Control. Cherry by JennaRay reviews I was incarcerated for six years. Now I'm free, back in a town that hates me, and all I want is a piece of cherry pie from the chief's wife and a piece of ass from his daughter. Both are sweet enough to land me back in jail, but I'm Edward Cullen and I don't give a fuck.

Finally Free by ceceprincess reviews Entry for the Control. Bella Swan, a woman who has spent her life under her parents' thumb, needs real life experience for her dissertation. Masen Edwards, a man who controls his own destiny, is on the last long haul of his truck driving career. Will Bella be willing to let go of the control she has to the dominating Masen?

Can they find freedom together? Usually, that's all they are… They live in our minds, and we never get to see them come to fruition. But this is one of those rare moments where fantasy becomes reality. When a review about his restaurant appears on a renowned blog and shocks Chef Cullen, he plans the best way to make the reviewer understand his passion.

Lolita and the Suit by Honeybeemeadows reviews 9: I was in a strange city, in a new country, on an entirely different continent. So out of my element. Now was not the time to get flustered. The Honeymoon by pattyrose reviews DeepDiver-ward and his Beautiful Bella have tied the knot and are now embarking on a long, catamaran honeymoon around the Caribbean. Sailing along the open waters without another soul in sight, Edward guarantees Bella a honeymoon she won't soon forget.

Lots of Lovin' Twilight - Rated: Edward and Bella married too young and for all the wrong reasons, so no one acted surprised when their marriage crumbled down. Two kids and five years later, events force them to live under the same roof for a while. Will they realize what they lost?

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I have no idea what I'm going to do with him when I get him home. Sometimes cougar fantasies don't turn out the way you expect. A Snowfall Kind of Love by TheFicChick reviews There's one thing on my grown-up Christmas list, and while it includes a number of specifics in varying degrees of dirtiness, it really all boils to the one thing I've wanted for a year and a half: She wanted his heart.

Inspired by Shay Savage's FF: Unexpected Circumstances, and written with her permission. Wisp by Cris reviews Edward wins more than he bargained for at what was supposed to be a friendly poker game. Ysar made me my banner! Please be Mine by CozItRunsInMyBlood reviews With music in her ears, a fake smile on her lips, the weight of the world on her shoulders, and bruises all over her body — Bella lived half alive, finding a breather only in stolen moments between Edward's arms.

One problem, though, she was married to another. Yes by GeekChic12 reviews "He talks to me sometimes. I mean, it's usually sort of one-sided, but… every once in a while, he'll make eye contact with me, and I feel like I've won the lottery or something. A girl who sees just how amazing he is. Under Construction by Edward's Eternal reviews A secret attraction, a forbidden love. Can their foundation stand the forces that could tear them apart? M - English - Chapters: He'd been her English teacher in high school, and the husband of her aunt.

Eight years later, Bella just wants to make sure he's happy, and so she crashes the Christmas party she knows he attends in Seattle every year. She really should go, but Changing My Course by twilover76 reviews Sparks fly when two strangers collide in the dark. Will Edward star in Bella's future, or will the politics of her life be too much for him to handle? Scorched by cosmogirl reviews "She was unafraid and shameless. She expected to feel everything. Baby Whisperer by compass54 reviews She manipulated me so easily. Twenty-one, beautiful and curious is a perilous mix.

He's a successful classical pianist who doesn't believe in marriage. She's still in college. They meet at his manager's wedding and he doesn't stand a chance. She lives in a life without the love she so desperately searches for. Can an aristocrat and a painter find love at first sight? Little Green and Easybella by BettiGefecht reviews She only remembers a silent kid, he doesn't remember her at all. Autism; age gap; unconditional love. Unexpected Complication by Edward's Eternal reviews Homeless Bella seeks shelter from a storm in an abandoned warehouse. But while she is there, she witnesses something she should never have seen.

It was a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. After discovering her, the gunman realizes he has no choice but to protect her from what she's seen. He has to save her—even if she fights him—even if she hates him. But is this strong young woman strong enough to handle his past?

To Destroy by walkingwithgiants reviews In the words of Abe Lincoln, "The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend. He was just experiencing a dry spell. But after a meddling brother interferes, he finds more than he ever expected. Companion piece to My Perfect Match.

Play Pretend by Hoodfabulous reviews "Let's play pretend," she says, "just for tonight. You'll pretend you're not married. I'll pretend to care that you are.

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Crazy Like That by planetblue reviews Cause she is fire. The hottest, deadliest kind of fire. Quarterback Sneak by jayhawkbb reviews As a Seattle sports talk radio host, it's my job to give my opinion on the Seahawks new quarterback, Edward Cullen. But maybe I shouldn't have said what I did Heiress to Cullen Swan Enterprises, Bella grows up hero worshipping 17 year old joint heir, pseudo step brother and self appointed guardian Edward. Bright Eyes by JennaRay reviews He tells me I should have walked away when I had the chance, but this pretty-eyed stranger doesn't know what he's gotten himself into with me.

Fairy Godfather by Cris reviews Young doctor Edward pulls a beautiful girl out of harms way, and finds that he may have just stumbled onto his greatest desire. Daddykink, so if that's not your thing, go elsewhere. Oblivious by LyricalKris reviews Juggling two jobs and a full-time schedule of classes, college student Bella didn't have time to figure out just how sexy she could be.

Her boss, Edward knew. She was going to figure it out sometime-why not with him? A woman in full possession of her wiles is a force to be reckoned with. As One Does by purelyamuse reviews "You keep giving me excuses and lashing out at me, but you know what? Not once have you said, 'Edward, this could never work because I don't even like you. E era exatamente por isso que Edward estava completamente em estase e confuso quando ele pousou os olhos em Isabella e tudo em sua mente pareceu parar imediatamente. After an encounter with an alluring stranger, Bella's life turns upside down.

A one-shot turned multi-chapter Twilight - Rated: Anyone Else But You by iambeagle reviews Bella's clueless when it comes to men, especially her friend's boyfriend. The Bull Rider by Edward's Eternal reviews Bella's an exemplary student who enjoys her part-time job at the University, helping with event days; except when she has to deal with one particular sponsor. Edward Cullen runs the most popular country bar in the area.

Handsome, charming and cocky, he only has eyes for one member of the student body. Unexpected by opal aline reviews Unhappy with where life has taken her, Bella seeks a second chance in Hollywood. A struggling single mother, will life get the better of her or take her to unexpected places. Unexpectedly thrust together as a deal of betrayal by her brother, when fate steps in to teach them about love, acceptance and destiny. A Santinha de Forks by paulinhahalle25 reviews Isabella Swan era um exemplo para a pequena comunidade de Forks Theories of Bellativity by kikki7 reviews Bella Swan is a physician assistant student trying to survive a grueling clinical year.

Throw in some chocolate, sprinkle with a few of Bella's quirky theories about life, and see what happens. Now Edward's all grown up Written for the May to December Romance Contest and, surprisingly, winner of two awards: Mas o que fazer quando a estadia dele era apenas passageira? Short-fic Twilight - Rated: Twenty years later they did it again. This time was forever. An Introduction to Swirl and Daisy by m reviews A first kiss, a first dance, a first curse word shared between best friends. This is the tale of a boring, young geek and the social pariah who thought the world of him.

A tale of growing up. A tale of a Non-Romantic Romance. The Misadventures of Daisy and Swirl by m reviews "Daisy bit her lip and nodded, trying hard not to audibly moan. The way Swirl wielded his hammer rendered her speechless. Our Wreath by Edward's Eternal reviews Edward is lost without the woman he loves. Will a silent caller be the miracle he's been hoping for?

Sometimes, no matter how fragile you feel, you're the only one who can help bear the load of another. Sometimes when strong and fragile collide, the world spins and sways. Sear by Rochelle Allison reviews Bella, one week into a housesitting job, has an unexpected, late night visitor. Drama and romance, of course, but also She would far rather grab a cheeseburger at her favorite place- McDonald's.

What is Chefward to do but try and show her the errors of her ways? But can she teach him anything? Artful Maneuvers by planetblue reviews I needed to figure out who Edward Cullen was before he figured out me. The Fourth Floor by RobzBeanie reviews Twenty-five-year-old Bella gets far more than she bargained for after a visit to the fourth floor of her company's office. Can Edward show her that appearances can be deceiving? Then the gloves come off. Birthday Wishes by Edward's Eternal reviews Birthdays are special—especially when you're five. What special wishes does Teddy Cullen hope come true this year?

And why do his wishes involve a certain dark-haired lady from the park? Key West by pattyrose reviews Bella is 5 minutes away from what's to be her happiest day - when a phone call changes it all. Frustrated and pissed-off, she embarks on a 10 day vacay to Key West, hoping for some space in which to clear her head, but when she meets the cocky, flirty and sexy-as-sin diving instructor, her plans take a much steamier turn.

Rescue Me by Edward's Eternal reviews A girl stuck on a ladder. A fast call to help out. But what is it about her that makes him feel so…protective? And what will he do about it? Could it be he needs rescuing as well? Edward is a guy on a constant search for something more. Will these two be what the other is looking for? The Best Mistake Of All by MrsK81 reviews Living the perfect life with no cares or responsibilities suited Bella just fine, but her family had other ideas and all of a sudden everything was changing One last night out, one quick escape through a bathroom window, one assumption about her new boss plus so many other things proved to be one mistake after another or so it seemed.

Barely Breathing by chocaholic reviews A tortured professor consumed by a secret. A quiet student who catches his eye. She's young and innocent. When she enters his hellish world, it shifts…again. Short drabblish chapters from WitFit prompts. Tip of the Spear by Robsmyyummy Cabanaboy reviews The "tip of the spear" - in the military, they are the front line; the initial attack that draws first blood. Masen delivers that leading blow, too. He's often faced with handling the collateral damage this life can bring. The thought is at once liberating and heartbreaking, and I don't know what to do with it: How do you hold a man accountable for a boy's carelessness?

Their annual report reads like a eulogy. Furthermore, the brand is beloved, both as nostalgic legacy artifact and as the toy market frontrunner at a time when the kids and play market is being colonized by tablets, smartphones and video game consoles. But Lego thrives in both the tangible and digital markets.

Of course, my best metric of what kids love to play has nothing to do with the market. It comes from observing my own children. And my eight-year-old son enjoys building with Lego bricks so much that he recently listed every under-utilized video game in his collection on eBay and used the cash to buy the newest Millennium Falcon set.

He then spent a week rushing home to assemble it each day after school. Now it joins his Dr. By Jenny McGrath — April 10, Growing up, my siblings and I had two giant tubs filled with Legos. It was amazing, unless I was hunting for a white one-by-one brick with that pincer-like holder, then I could spend hours sifting through pieces. Support our Crowdrise campaign! This video captures the students, none of whom had ever seen Legos before, playing the Legos for the firs time. For more information, visit legoafrica. If you have kids, or have simply visited a house full of them, you know the pain of stepping on a bunch of LEGO s.

Those stupid little blocks with their stupid jagged edges cause a disproportionate amount of pain relative to their stupid size. After the first true survival from the hydraulic press, the LEGO man jumping for his life, everything went smoothly. Gone were those sharp corners and pegs, and all that was left were flat pieces of plastic. To raise brand awareness of LEGO as construction toy for boys of all ages, containers placed on real construction sites where transformed into giant LEGO bricks throughout the country.

This event resulted in media coverage in more than 20 national newspapers and magazines, national television and radio. Veja alguns dos seus trabalhos. But that might not be the case once he decides to expand his build to include the rest of our solar system. By Maria Healey May 11, When they outgrow the Duplo blocks, there are some great learning toys you can turn them into: Learn with Play at Home. E is for Explore. Preschool Roll and Count:: Frugal Fun for Boys. Teachers of Good Things. Snapping Numbers — Composing and Decomposing Numbers:: And there are 64 track rubbers in it.

I've made an off-road test of these very useful parts. So what do you think about these parts? I have a doubts about the endurance but these rubbers work very good! Well fear not, as Little Big Art have got that covered. Little Big Art have broken gallery records on attendance and sales, created galleries in exhibition centres and castles multiple , and even had an exhibition attended by Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen - the billionaire owner of the LEGO Group.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stand in the little shoes of a minifigure, staring up to admire these giant artworks? Well, we have, and we decided to make it a reality Every family's Christmas tree is different: But for the Christmas-loving Lego fan out there, these creative ornaments from designer Chris McVeigh will make a wonderful addition to every Christmas tree.

Army of stormtroopers helps 'Star Wars' fan decorate for Christmas. According to McVeigh's website , this is his sixth year offering build it yourself Lego kits, which range from mini Christmas trees, to tiny gingerbread houses and even classic-looking ornaments. McVeigh offers building kits on his site, but for those with thousands of Lego around the house, his website also offers downloadable building instructions for free.

Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments. Lego artist Jin Kei has created this Rhinoceros. It is a pretty clear statement about the current state of the species and its dwindling numbers due to poaching of their horns. But, like all artwork there are a lot of different interpretations about it.

What is neat is that this whole thing has been created by mostly using basic Lego pieces. The transparent bricks also do a good job of creating the appearance that the Rhino is dissolving into nothing. There is more about this Lego Rhinoceros here: By Alycia Zimmerman on December 27, They were just so rigidly rectangular!

In the classroom, the tiny bricks are now my favorite possibility-packed math manipulative! Read on for a sampling of math activities that use LEGO pieces to build and reinforce key mth concepts. Chances are that if you are a parent or teacher, you already know, at least in theory, that these sturdy plastic blocks have huge intrinsic educational value. Along with the obvious creative implications, while children play with LEGO blocks, they are also building their spatial and proportional awareness.

Advanced LEGO kits are even used on the high school and college level for computer programming, robotics, and more. So, here is my plea: Find some LEGO bricks in a storage closet or basement, and take some time exploring how they work. Count the studs, explore the dimensions, build some towers. You'll undoubtedly find mathematical inspiration in a pile of LEGO bricks. For younger mathematicians, composing and decomposing numbers is a key component of building the number sense needed for arithmetic operations.

Students begin with small landmark numbers such as five one hand or six a standard die, and build towards the all-important ten. LEGO bricks are awesome for part-part-total explorations! As with other popular part-part-total math manipulatives such as dominoes or dice, these bricks have clearly marked chits on LEGO we call them studs for students to count.

The studs are often grouped in twos, which facilitate counting by twos rather than counting the studs individually. With practice, students will recognize arrangements of studs, and will not need to count them at all subitizing. Students can group combinations of two or more LEGO bricks and find the total number of studs, or students can start with a larger brick, cover part of it with a smaller brick, and figure out the amount of remaining uncovered studs.

Raisins, pennies, grains of rice … After all, internalizing why and how arrays work is a cornerstone of building multiplicative thinking among my budding mathematicians. For more ideas about building multiplication concepts, see my blog post Total Recall: Having a collection of LEGO pieces on hand during multiplication lessons is so useful. I whip a few out to reinforce the area model, to demonstrate square numbers, and to remind my students about the commutative property of multiplication. Students can combine LEGO bricks to make a wide range of arrays.

Exploring the factors of 48 using the area model and Lego bricks. Fractions always seem to trip up my students. The only way to combat fraction-mayhem is to provide students with a LOT of opportunities to experience fractions with tangible objects. Pattern blocks can only be broken down into sixths when using the hexagon as one-whole. LEGO blocks have many more possibilities!

With guided inquiry packets, students can work independently on exploring new math concepts. When finding the mean arithmetic average , students quickly learn to add all of the data and then divide the total by the number of data points. But very few students fully understand why they do this add-then-divide dance to find the mean. Students "add" and then "evenly divide" four LEGO towers to discover the mean value. Learning to Control the Chaos. Ahead of time, I prepare Ziploc bags with a careful selection of the pieces I know my students will need to complete the assignment.

I also make sure my students understand how to return their bags of bricks. O pai Natal e a Fada apresentam-se em cadeira de rodas, enquanto que o ajudante duende surge com uma bengala.

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Publicado em 24 de nov de Bill details the key engineering principles underlying plastic injection molding. He describes its history and, then, reveals the intricate details of the process. He shows viewers where to found, on any injection-molding product, the markings created by injection molding.

He closes with a description of the one of the finest examples of the injection molding: Wood is a personal medium, it's a living thing that changes according to its environment. So if there is any material that's exactly the opposite of wood, it's plastic. Working with Lego, Pavan, who is currently studying in to become a Luthier in Milan, was able to create a working electric guitar. Although the plastic creation may not sound as good as its wood counterparts, it's definitely still capable of rocking out. Pavan told Mashable that the hardest part of building the guitar was acquiring all of the Lego, relying on his friends to supply all of the right pieces.

It took Pavan about six days to complete the guitar, and he only used a bit of glue and some screws to hold the whole thing together. The guitar's neck and bridge are made from normal guitar materials. And this isn't the first guitar Pavan built out of Lego; his first prototype in was just as impressive, and features a more intricate bridge.

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O Lego pode ser considerado o melhor brinquedo de todos os tempos. Criada por Arthur Sacek, esse equipamento cria um rosto 3D a partir de um bloco de poliuretano. Isso prova mais uma vez que, com Lego, sua criatividade pode ser sem limites. O amigo respondeu que se sentia mal por ele. Um sonho tornado realidade: Foi isso que Arnon Rosan pensou. Conforme os blocos ficam maiores, construir com eles fica mais complicado. Na escala de tamanho natural, torna-se mais desafiador.

EverBlock is a full-scale building block that interlocks like a Lego. It can be used to build buildings. Or just a cool installation wall. Most people might stop at fantasizing about life-size building blocks, but not Rosan. Rosan is the founder of EverBlock , a modular system of full-scale plastic blocks that, like Lego, stack atop each another and lock together with raised lugs. But EverBlock is more tool than toy.

You can use the polypropylene blocks to build fully-functioning furniture and structures. They come in 14 colors and three sizes: EverBlocks assemble more or less like any other modular building blocks, but on a larger scale. But as the blocks get bigger, building with them gets more complicated. At life-size scale, it gets more challenging. The key is to take lessons from Lego, and stack the blocks like bricks, staggering them so a brick covers the seam of the two below it. Each block also has at least one channel that allows power cables, reinforcing wooden dowels, or LED strips to snake through as a means of illuminating or stabilizing larger structures.

Rosan created EverBlock as a way of easily constructing furniture like couches and coffee tables, but he quickly realized the big blocks have applications far beyond that. People have built house-like structures, room dividers, and art. The company is compiling a library of instructions guiding people through some designs. But with just three block versions, there are limitations to what you can build with the blocks.

Still, when you need to construct something quickly, something like this could be a smart solution. Think about emergency shelters: Probably not, but a girl can dream. Neste caso, temos um teclado de computador. A ideia regressou no ano passado, e toma forma no teclado de computador "completamente funcional" agora apresentado.

Every Christmas tree deserves one of these Lego ornaments

By Brian Koerber 1 day ago. Most people typically think of Lego as toys, however these multi-colored building blocks are so much more than just playthings. The Danish company has created over billion parts since As children, Legos helped inspire the way in which we viewed the world. We could be an architect, city planner, or inventor.

Today, people have found endless new and interesting ways to make fun and practical uses of these tiny bricks, gears, wheels and other pieces. Pay attention, Mad Men: This little girl is holding a LEGO set. In an age when little girls and boys are treated as though they are two entirely different species by toy marketers, this ad for LEGO — one of our favorite images ever — issues an important reminder. As I was planning my interview with Rachel Giordano, I saw this blog post by Achilles Effect, and knew immediately what Giordano should be holding in the new version of the photo.

Enter the Heartlake City. Advertising copy lets us know what being a news anchor involves for minifig Emma: Find the cake and film it with the camera and then climb into the editing suite and get it ready for broadcast. Get Emma ready at the makeup table so she looks her best for the camera. Sit her at the news desk as Andrew films her talking about the cake story and then present the weather to the viewers. And what-the-what is that when you look inside the news van?

Where is the equipment? Is it behind the gigantic makeup vanity? Instead, they get the same message delivered just about everywhere else in the culture that surrounds them: On the day she went into the studio to make the LEGO ad, she was given a set of original LEGOs and an hour to play with them and make her own creation—it is what you see in the ad.

And those were her own clothes—the comfy jeans and blue striped t-shirt and sneakers without a hint of pink that she wore in off the street. The news van kit struck her as really quite different. Toys are supposed to foster creativity. But nowadays, it seems that a lot more toys already have messages built into them before a child even opens the pink or blue package.

In , LEGOs were simple and gender-neutral, and the creativity of the child produced the message. The stereotyping of girls in their world of play is an issue close to my heart and one that I address in my book Her Next Chapter , because, as Maria Montessori notably said, play is the work of the child. What most recent articles about this inspiring ad have left out, is the equally inspiring woman who created it. Why is everyone against pink? I know that how I played as a girl shaped who I am today. It contributed to me becoming a physician and inspired me to want to help others achieve health and wellness.

I co-own two medical centers in Seattle. I simply believe that they should be marketed to all children again, and the same with LEGOs and other toys. They sure are different. What do we have to lose, besides stereotypes? Gender-segmented toys may double corporate profits, but always seem to result in for-girls versions that are somehow just a little bit less. Any reason not to?? Her new book Her Next Chapter: Lori is also a co-founder and Board member of the Brave Girls Alliance , a global think tank and consulting group of girl empowerment experts who advocate for healthier media and products for girls.

Long before The Lego Movie was created, Lego nerds have been filming some amazing stop-motion projects. One of the best is David Pagano, who with collaborators runs Paganomation , his animation studio. Brickfilms are a way for Lego fans to tell their stories through the use of film and animation techniques. These films can be in any style, and about any topic, but they all have one thing in common — the use of Lego bricks and elements!

How long does it take to complete one of your projects, on average? The work we do at Paganomation is very unique — we have to balance the infinite possibilities of Lego bricks, stop-motion, and our imaginations with real world limitations like schedules, deadlines, and gravity. For the majority of our minifigure-based projects, I try to allot a minimum of one month of production time per minute of screen time.

Obviously, a second scene of one guy standing around talking is not going to take as long to build or animate as a second scene of a dozen characters flying around in robot spaceships, shooting lasers at each other as they explode. Say I want to get into brickfilms. The best first step for getting into brickfilming is to grab some Lego bricks and start playing.

This may sound simple and obvious, but the Lego worlds I created as a kid through play led me into the career I have today. Can you suggest some websites with information on the topic? The main hub for the online Lego animation community is BricksInMotion. There, you can find all sorts of films to watch, tutorials, resources, and forums filled with people who are ready and willing to answer your questions.

Pickett of The Nightly News at Nine and a variety of rotating guest bloggers. We cover Lego animation news, reviews, tools, tutorials, and so much more. What goes into designing and filming a typical scene? If time allows, I also like to put together mood boards, which are kind of like collages that help determine how the scene should feel in terms of color, layout, and tone.

Every film we make here at Paganomation has its own unique challenges: Lighting Lego film sets can be tricky, since the plastic is super-shiny and one wrong light angle can cause weird reflections or flickering issues. We shoot test images to try and expose all those problem areas before animation begins. Stop-motion is a long, laborious process, and shots on our films can take anywhere from three to eight hours or more to shoot.

Sometimes I animate by myself, but I try to have help from other people whenever possible. By hook or by crook, it will be released later this year. You can follow the progress of the film and check out some behind-the-scenes photos on our Kickstarter and Facebook pages.

Check out his picks of cool brickfilms he either collaborated on or just admires! David Pagano's Brickfilm Picks. Have you ever asked yourself this question: The story would end there if I had not also the knack to build a machine to test it. The first version was using a metal tube attaching the top servo to the LEGO brick. It was too flimsy and died during initial testing. So I took an old CPU heat sink A successful test proved that the LEGO was no match for this chunk of aluminium. I then made an infra-red proximity sensor to detect if the presence of the LEGO and rigged the whole thing to an Arduino.

This was shot before the test started:. Isso foi filmado antes de iniciado o teste: So here are the 2 dead LEGO bricks after 10 days and 37, assembling and disassembling. Don't try this at home. It's long, noisy and cruel to LEGO bricks. Posted by Sarah on November 13, Reason 38, why I love coffee people: They do stuff like build Lego models of espresso machines. I was recently in the sunny San Francisco Bay Area for a family visit and also a chance to catch up with some of my old coffee pals; Stephen Vick, who buys coffee for Blue Bottle , is one of my original coffee peeps; we met back in Come meet my friend, Sarah!

He came right over, super big smile on his face. The Master At Work: Daniel at home working on his Lego models. Daniel says this is how it started: They found themselves in the Lego aisle. They had a credit card. Fast forward a few months: Daniel has fashioned a La Marzocco Linea out of Legos. And he made a mini San Marco lever. One version of the Linea. Another version of the Linea, and the San Marco lever. The Kees van der Westen Spirit. And then he decided to go bigger. But thank goodness he did. He used to work there, which is why he had such a good sense of the place and how everything fit together in the famous shop.

Have you ever been to the Blue Bottle cafe at the Mint? Daniel says his next project is to work on the exterior of the Mint cafe. Daniel is particularly proud of the dish area in his Blue Bottle Mint cafe model. Having worked in this cafe for a long time, he knows the area well. That is to say, I am a fan, and a big one. Blue Bottle knows they have something pretty rad in Daniel, which is why they posted an article about him to their blog. Tudo articulado com o kit Mindstorms EV3. Lego Ideas -- formerly Cuusoo -- has seen some pretty great sets come to life, with the high-profile Ghostbusters set really highlighting the power of fan love, but it's science and research that has seen the most success, with the female scientists set and several real-life spacecraft hitting the consumer market.

This project, however, brings a more practical application to Lego science. Lego artist Carl Merriam has created a fully functional all-Lego microscope and submitted it to the site. However, although it's a fascinating idea, Merriam actually uploaded it in July of last year, where it somehow managed to fly under the radar. With days left to vote on the project, we thought it deserved a bit more attention.

While trying to find a use for the pod itself, I realized that it was very close to a deep petri dish," he wrote last year. A little more tinkering and I connected the focus to a magnifying glass and fiber optic light in the eyepiece, so adjusting the focus knobs would actually bring the writing on a LEGO stud in and out of focus.